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We have had these dogs since they were 6 weeks old. One is a blue Merle, 2 year old male. One is a 10 month old tri colored female. Both full blooded Australian shepherds. They went missing Sunday and we believe they were stolen from our property bc we have 5 dogs total and they only took the Aussie's. A large reward is offered!!! Please bring back...


Bounty $1,000.00


2 42″ curved led light b...

Somebody stole 2 42" curved light bars off of my truck and cutt the wires, the wires were cut about 6 inches down as a guess if you see anything familiar or suspicious please call me asap 200$ reward 941-525-6418


Bounty $200.00


2000 dodge caravan silver gree...

led the vehicle over night and today dint see it there Parket


Bounty $300.00


Stolen white Ford F150


Ford 2009 F150 White WYOMING plates, 'Friends of Coal' and Purple Minnesota Viking Stickers on the back window License W2047 IF YOU SEE THIS TRUCK PLEASE CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY! Inside is an old computer filled with 10 years full of childhood photos of my best friend and her family.





I had my motorcycle YAMAHA XT 225 2006 BLUE stolen from me this summer in the middle of the night 2-5am Can You Guys Help Me Please.. IM PRETTY SURE IS IN BRIGEPORT WALLLINFORD OR MERIDEN


Bounty $500.00


2015 Yamaha AR190

Our 2015 Yamaha Ar190 was stolen right off our driveway around 1-2am on 11/10/15. Boat is blue & white. Trailer is shore lander. The suspects are 2 white male driving a white ford expedition


Bounty $1,000.00

Tiffany ruby ring

Tiffany & Co. 18K Yellow G...


Tiffany & Co. Solid 18K Yellow Gold Natural Ruby Ring



Dad's guitar

Stolen 1952 Fender Telecaster

CBS13 Sacramento has picked up Darren's story. Check out the video below... This Guitar was given to me by my father the late Danny Antell. My father was a musician his entire life. He carried this guitar on his back everyday to school when he was a kid in a band. This guitar was his life for many years. It is a natural wood 1952 fender tele...


Bounty $2,000.00

Stolen / Just Listed
Stolen Down to Earth Trailer


Stolen trailer last seen on bolton rd nw Atlanta


Stolen Down To Earth Trailer It's black with two up right ramps last seen on Bolton road in Bolton hills

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Bounty $100.00

Mizuno 4-GW Clevland SW and Lob Wedge

I may have left my garage door open on Sat 9-7-15 Someone went into my garage and stole my newer set of Mizuno JPX irons 4-GW Taylor Made driver Adams Hybi...

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Bounty $300.00

2000 dodge caravan silver green plate #fsd3450

led the vehicle over night and today dint see it there Parket

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Landscaping equipment


Someone broke into my husband's truck and trailer parked on our property in Fords, NJ and stole landscaping equipment. The passenger window was broken on the tr...

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2000 Honda Civic si Stolen


Its a 2000 Honda Civic Si the color is blue, Walked out the day before thanksgiving to drive home and saw my car wasnt there. Looked at where it was parked and ...

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Stolen Specialized Amira Comp Force


Stolen Specialized Amira Comp Force Bicycle


Nearly new Sepcialized Amira Comp Force Bicycle stolen from our home.

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Bounty $5,050.00

2012 Honda Civic EX-L

Last time I saw my Honda was Friday(11/20/2015) approximately 09:00. I was parked in my apartment complex in a guest spot. I discovered my vehicle was missing ...

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Aunt’s Friend Stole Camry in Ft Worth


Stolen Toyota Camry  Was called by my aunt to give her friend a ride home to Dallas. Pulled into gas station to get gas and he took off in my car. Car is green...

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Bounty $200.00

Hydroxyl generator

4 optic titanium oxide hydroxyl used for sewage jobs was stolen from our warehouse last week Please call 6153715355 with any info

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Victrola credenza with litho and lamp


Victrola VV 8-12, Credenza


On 30 August 2015, the moving truck with all of my possessions was stolen. I will be uploading a number of items on this site that were lost. This Victor Vic...

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2006 Harley Davidson Night Train


I walked outside today headed for work and found someone had stolen my 2006 Harley Davidson Night Train. VIN number is 1HD1JAB196Y031267. It's a black pearl...

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Bounty $50.00

Lost black juicy couture purse with iPhone 6 and Wallet

Black velour purse with crystals saying juicy couture and silver chain. Inside blue juicy couture wallet with photo id Caitlin h iPhone 6 with pink case and ...

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Stolen Austin Healey 1960 Classic


Stolen Austin Healey – Classic 1960


UPDATE 11/24/15: Great News! The Ausitn Healey has been recovered in great shape in Oakland, CA on 11/24/15. It was originally posted on Stolen 911 back in Marc...

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Bounty $350.00

Stolen Tag Watch – Chrome with black face red accents

Very special gift to me.

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Bounty $1,500.00

White lifted 2002 F250 with Lincon Welder

It was taken at 12 noonish was in and out of it..it was locked went back to grab a tool anout 20 mun later and it was gone just like that...no broken glass noth...

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Stolen / Just Recovered
Stolen Austin Healey 1960 Classic


Stolen Austin Healey – Classic 1960


UPDATE 11/24/15: Great News! The Ausitn Healey has been recovered in great shape in Oakland, CA on 11/24/15. It was originally posted on Stolen 911 back in Marc...

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Bounty $400.00

Missing Ipad with AirTurn foot pedal


iPad 3 with AirTurn foot pedal in a small black zippered case missing after being used in Baltimore. May have been left behind, but has not been turned in to lo...

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1975 El Camino but really a GMC SPRINT


stolen from drive way late Nov 11 or early Nov 12, 2015

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Stolen Oil Painting - Geo Duchesne


Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne


UPDATE 8/21/2015 - RECOVERED! A man who came into possession of the painting realized it was stolen after a Google search led to it's listing on Stolen 911.   ...

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Stolen Classic GMC Sprint: 1975


Stolen Classic 1975 GMC Sprint - stolen from driveway.    

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Stolen Suzuki GSXR6


Rob Reed > Stolen 911 My 06 GSXR6 was stolen Sat May 16,2015 in front of my home early in morn from Hampton Va and have been going crazy for 5 days. I've ...

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Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 9.10.51 AM

Bounty $300.00

Stolen Class Ring NBHS


Classic-style gold class ring. No stone. Engraved with 1942 (possibly 1943) and NBHS. No stone but stone-shaped gold center. Insignia on side has been worn down...

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Stolen Violin Now Recovered

Bounty $2,000.00

Violin and Viola


9/10/15 - UPDATED - RECOVERED! The owner located the violin for sale on Craigslist, 30 miles south in the City of Campbell from a small shop that sells Violi...

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Bounty $500.00

1996 Honda Accord-Hunter Green-Black Front Bumper w / front right damage


Came home at 9 pm on 10/31. Woke up for work at 530 on 11/01 and it was missing. Our parking lot is not decal required so towing is abnormal. And Ive been keepi...

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Bounty $200.00



My husband went outside to go to work yesterday morning & it was missing. We looked all around & didn't find it. We filed a police report, called salvag...

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Bounty $500.00

Toyota camry le


My car was stolen over the past weekend. We are thinking we accidently left the doors unlocked. There has been mutiple theft of cars in the past week. We have o...

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Bounty $500.00

Black Labrador Retriever


A family member was providing shelter for my Dog, she stole her and will not return her. She has been gone for over a year now. Claiming she is dead. She is min...

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Black Subaru Impreza


It has a frog ánd family people stickers on back window It has a dent on drivers side on the sub frame behind back door Pink tire valve covers Zebra seat cov...

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Bounty $100.00

iPad Air


New iPad air, silver, serial#DLXQ60FRG5W2, left on hood of car in bright Hawaiian-print case. Disappeared 3:15 pm.

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Stolen Buick Roadmaster, Gold


Buick Roadmaster was stolen on October 15, 2015 which was parked behind the Valvoline Parking lot on Whitehall Road in State College, PA. There was $300.00 doll...

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Stolen / Most Viewed
Stolen Cronin Surfboard

Bounty $150.00

Stolen Cronin Surfboard 6’6″

From the owner... Sometime during the time period of 2:30pm and 4:15pm on 2/14/15 at Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA, my surfboard got stolen from under my car....

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Bounty $500.00

Stolen Audi RS5 – Red


UPDATE: 6/16/15 - We just got word that it's been recovered thanks to a tip on Facebook.  We will update you all as soon as we know more.  Thank you all ver...

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Bounty $200.00

Stolen Black ’72 H D Shovelhead

REPORTED TO CASS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT My Black '72 H D Shovelhead was Removed From a Locked Horse Trailer between Jan.and Feb.of 2015 It had a Black ...

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Stolen - Yamaha R1 2015 - 1

Bounty $1,000.00

Stolen Yamaha R1 2015

25K brand new Yamaha R1 2015 Black with R1 red logo on both sides fairings of the bike, Yoshimura Exhaust with white R1 logo on it, hard back tail cover with R1...

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Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.20.21 PM

Bounty $500.00

Stolen Canon EF 400 f2.8 Lens

Stolen Canon EF 400 lens with camo cover (at time of theft) Please note the picture of the woman using my stolen credit card at a gas station who is believed to...

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room 5

Bounty $1,000.00


 While moving, my rented U-Haul was stolen off of Montgomery St in North Oakland with everything in it and I am looking to recover my life. Please help! Reward ...

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Stolen Trailer

Bounty $0

Stolen Pace Trailer – 2009 – Metallic Tan


Stolen Pace Trailer: 2009 Pace (brand) enclosed car trailer. 16 foot v-nose, 2 axles, metallic tan with diamond plate front wrap and silver wheels. VIN # 4P2UB1...

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Robert August


Stolen Custom Robert August Longboard


9ft Robert August Longboard blue and white. Inscribed on board is for Frank Ahearn. Board stolen Gloucester MA. Board was made for my deceased husband to be giv...

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ASUS memo pad 7


ASUS memo pad 7 inch black with cover

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Dad's guitar

Bounty $2,000.00

Stolen 1952 Fender Telecaster

CBS13 Sacramento has picked up Darren's story. Check out the video below... This Guitar was given to me by my father the late Danny Antell. My father was...

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Bounty $1,000.00

Stolen Freightliner Columbia… MY LIVELIHOOD


Stolen Freightliner: Left my Semi truck(05 Columbia) Parked at a company drop yard in Dallas. Went to get some stuff out of it today and its GONE. Its blue With...

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Stolen Honda Accord – 97


Stolen Honda Accord: Paige, black front bumper, cracked windshield, dent on driver side, 6ZPZ265

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Bounty $1,000.00


On the eve of Mon Jan 12 2014 @ 8:45-9:50pm, My school bag was stolen by theft through breaking the car window.... parked in front of what use to be Asian Tropi...

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Bounty $100.00

Stolen Vintage Sunglasses

The thieves went through my car, rifling through our belongings specifically to find things to sell. While almost everything was worthless, one item of particul...

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Bounty $100.00


My passport, PR CARDs, hubby's wallet got stolen from my car. Plz return ASAP. Really urgent

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