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Stolen / Just Listed

Reward Up To $100.00

Stolen Camera with Lens and Tripod

On Saturday, between 3:30 – 5pm, someone came into our classroom and stole the DSLR classroom camera and the tripod while everyone was away for […]

Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen Roofing equipment/hot air welder

It is a welding machine called a Leister Uniroof. It is hreen and has a handle and wheels. It is programmable and is self propelled. […]


Reward Up To $1,000.00

1962 Chevy impala stolen

My Chevy Impala 1962 was stolen Friday night 5-20-16 around 10-11pm. Neighbors seen it kinda blurry on the camera around 10:45pm but couldn’t tell if […]

Reward Up To $100.00

Camera Stolen from garage equipped with automatic door opener

As added security I often keep a camera in my garage. Camera was stolen which means the thief/thieves bypassed the security features built-in to my […]

Reward Up To $100.00

TORO Lawn Mower

Someone broke my shed window and climbed in to unlock the door from the inside. They stole a red and black TORO lawn mower and […]

Reward Up To $300.00

Gold. Pocket watch family heirloom

Beautiful family heirloom stolen from back porch. 1899 pocket watch 14qt. Gold , with diamond and rubies on face. Initials EEL ON OUTSIDE OF WATCH= […]

Reward Up To $100.00

Stolen White 2016 Honda Civic

Woke up to car stolen from drive way. That throw all the documents of the car in the neighbors yard.


Reward Up To $1,000.00

2004 Jeep Wrangler columbia edition

left at the park and ride beside sheetz gas station on interstate 64 next to the Huntington mallon 5-19 upon returning on 5-20 realized jeep […]


Stolen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


I was at work and a customer stole my phone from a room that is meant for employees only.


Reward Up To $500.00

R&R Enclosed V-Nose

Trailer Info: R&R Enclosed – access door on passenger side V – Nose – which is pretty dented(my truck has the matching battle scar) Has/Had […]


Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen Silver BMW coupe 2009 Cardini Motorsport Decal Beverly hills BMW pl...

Left car running to step out in front of my apartment building and was distracted as I tripped and a young man,18-25,black haur,skinny,hispanic decent, helped […]

2002 side


Someone Stole Grandma’s Car!


This car is very important to me, it belonged to my late father and now I use it for transport to and from seeing my […]

13178955_10207657855777999_1131618022992899375_n (1)

Reward Up To $1,000.00

16′ Gooseneck Dump Trailer

Please keep an eye out for a 16 foot gooseneck dump trailer. It was stolen during the last week of April. I will give a […]


Reward Up To $20.00

Acura Integra

About 630 Saturday morning I heard my car trying to start up. I didn’t think much of it then I heard it start up and […]


Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen from Arvada

My F-350 2003 license plate 963 – TJH stolen between 12am and 7am the morning of the 17th. It is Arizona Beige in color. It […]

Stolen / Just Recovered

Reward Up To $500.00

Stole U-Haul w All Houshold items inside


Starting over with nothing after 24 yr marriage ending. U-Haul with ALL personal property including clothes, family pictures, home business records, father’s ashes, furniture, bedding, […]

20150814_100428 (2)

Reward Up To $250.00

dirtbag stole our White 4 door Super Duty 2001


Stolen from Kearns apartment middle of the night. loud exhaust, GAS V10, NOT A DIESEL. Door signs are removable magnets & likely gone. Oversized side […]

Stolen and stripped Camaro recovered with a message

Reward Up To $1,000.00

Stolen Grey Camaro Fully Stripped of Major Parts


This stolen Camaro was one of two recovered in East Oakland on 5/9/16. The engine, transmission, seats and other parts were stripped from the vehicle. […]

Stolen Camaro 2015 Red recovered stipped in Oakland

Reward Up To $1,000.00

Another Stripped Stolen Camaro Found in Oakland


This red 2015 Camaro was one of two recovered in East Oakland on 5/12/16. The vehicle was located fully stripped of its engine, transmission, wheels […]

Reward Up To $600.00

Toyota Prius


Hopped six foot gate, entered unlocked window more than seven feet above ground level. Took car keys for both vehicles. Left by front door, gate. […]




Truck was at friends house in driveway. Saw truck at 8:45 pm on 05/02/2016. Came out to leave to go home at 12:30 am and […]

2013 Camaro found stripped in Oakland

Reward Up To $1,000.00

Seeking info – Stolen 2013 Camro Recovered Stripped


One of two Stolen Chevy Camaros found stripped of their engines, transmissions and misc parts. Both vehicles were located on Pearmain Street in East Oakland. […]

Stolen Camaro recovered of Pearmain in Oakland

Reward Up To $1,000.00

2014 Camaro Recovered – Found Stripped in Oakland – Seeking inf...


One of two Chevy Camaros found stripped of its engine and transmission. Both vehicles were found abandoned on Pearmain Street in Oakland, CA. Submit tips […]



Honda Goldwing 1800 Trike


Has a picture on back with words “in loving memory.” Belongs to a retired fire fighter, US Army soldier Big Red 1. There are military […]



HaulMark silver/gray 14′ enclosed trailer


Stolen from a retired fire fighter. Contents include 2001 Honda Goldwing 1800 Trike, motorcycle trailer and other household items.


Reward Up To $500.00





stolen green gmc sonoma with tommy gate


This is my only truck and my work truck as I am in construction. the truck has a dent on the drivers side front panel […]

Stolen Pontiac WS6

Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen Pontiac WS6 – Matte Black


Matte black WS6 – Custom paint job. One of two vehicles stolen at the same time. A 2015 Camaro was also taken but was since […]


Reward Up To $50.00

Honda Cr-v


Its was stolen while it was parked in front of my friends house. Im not sure exactly what time it was stolen, i noticed it […]

2015-11-25 14.05.25

Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen Subaru Impreza 1998


98 Impreza Blue Hood Green Body Black paint on passenger side from body damage JDM dark blue rear bumper black lips on rear bumper vents […]

Stolen / Most Viewed
Stolen Cronin Surfboard

Reward Up To $150.00

Stolen Cronin Surfboard 6’6″

From the owner… Sometime during the time period of 2:30pm and 4:15pm on 2/14/15 at Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA, my surfboard got stolen from under […]



Korean Vinyl Records Funk Soul Rare Music Golf Clubs and Surfboard


Stolen Records From Storage Unit Case #16-001546 Huntington Beach PD (714)-960-8825 Sometime around January 16th my storage unit at 5566 Bolsa in Huntington Beach was […]


Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen Audi RS5 – Red


UPDATE: 6/16/15 – We just got word that it’s been recovered thanks to a tip on Facebook that was posted with our social media share […]



STOLEN – Veteran’s Pride & Joy


I didn’t post a reward because I can’t really afford one I’m just hoping that by reaching out to my fellow veterans. To all, My 2010 […]

Dad's guitar

Reward Up To $2,000.00

Stolen 1952 Fender Telecaster

  This Guitar was given to me by my father the late Danny Antell. My father was a musician his entire life. He carried this […]

Stolen - Yamaha R1 2015 - 1

Reward Up To $1,000.00

Stolen Yamaha R1 2015

25K brand new Yamaha R1 2015 Black with R1 red logo on both sides fairings of the bike, Yoshimura Exhaust with white R1 logo on […]

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.20.21 PM

Reward Up To $500.00

Stolen Canon EF 400 f2.8 Lens

Stolen Canon EF 400 lens with camo cover (at time of theft) Please note the picture of the woman using my stolen credit card at a […]

room 5

Reward Up To $1,000.00


 While moving, my rented U-Haul was stolen off of Montgomery St in North Oakland with everything in it and I am looking to recover my […]

Stolen Trailer


Stolen Pace Trailer – 2009 – Metallic Tan


Stolen Pace Trailer: 2009 Pace (brand) enclosed car trailer. 16 foot v-nose, 2 axles, metallic tan with diamond plate front wrap and silver wheels. VIN […]

Robert August


Stolen Custom Robert August Longboard


9ft Robert August Longboard blue and white. Inscribed on board is for Frank Ahearn. Board stolen Gloucester MA. Board was made for my deceased husband […]

Gold Nugget Pendant, with 3 inset stones


SUBSTANTIAL CASH REWARD! Gold Nugget Pendant, with 3 inset stones.


SUBSTANTIAL CASH REWARD! Robbed in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Robbers stole a unique Gold Nugget Pendant, with 3 inset stones from my neck. The pendant […]


Reward Up To $1,000.00

Stolen Freightliner Columbia… MY LIVELIHOOD


Stolen Freightliner: Left my Semi truck(05 Columbia) Parked at a company drop yard in Dallas. Went to get some stuff out of it today and […]

Stolen Trumpet


Stolen King Silvertone Trumpet


Vintage King Silvertone Trumpet SN 134861. Heavy engraving on the sterling silver bell, some wear at hand grips. Bell is marked with sterling symbol. Stolen […]


Reward Up To $100.00

Stolen Vintage Sunglasses

The thieves went through my car, rifling through our belongings specifically to find things to sell. While almost everything was worthless, one item of particular […]

EZ Haul Trailer

Reward Up To $300.00

EZ Haul Utility Trailer – Red 6’x 12′

This trailer was stolen in broad daylight from my driveway while I was at work. The trailer is red with EZ haul logo and white […]

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