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About Marc Hinch


Marc Hinch is the creator of Stolen 911 and is an Investigator with the California Highway Patrol specializing in Auto Theft since 2003. Serving with three California based auto theft task forces, Marc has investigated and participated in hundreds of stolen vehicle investigations including "chop shops", VIN switches, insurance frauds and purchases. Over the years Marc has developed a close working relationship solving crimes with Investigators from law enforcement agencies, The National Insurance Crime Bureau and insurance company SIUs.

Stolen Truck - 69 Classic Chevy C10 at Stolen 911

Reward $1,000.00

Stolen Classic 69 Chevy C10 Pickup


White roof with Good Guys Car Show sticker in window. Very Clean. Submit tips to CHP directly by using the “Submit Tip” button above. Thank […]

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Stolen 65 Chevy El Camino at Stolen 911

Reward $1,000.00

65 El Camino Stolen while at Car Show

This classic El Camino was stolen while the owner was attending the Goodguys Car Show at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. It was last seen park […]

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This is a front view the side of the car ..white with a single line in the hood

Reward $2,000.00

White Chevy Camaro ZL1 ..Help My Dad Find His Car!!!!


UPDATE 10/6/15: The car was recovered in Richmond, CA. Sadly it was found stripped of its engine and wheels. More info will be posted later. […]

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Black Friday 2016: How to Shut Down Thieves

anti-theft, Theft Prevention November 18, 2016

Black Friday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or is it?

Starting on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the possibility of theft becomes more of a concern to the consumer who may not give it another thought the rest of the year. But insurance company Traveler reports that thefts on Black Friday are 28% higher than any other day when considering thefts that take place away from home.

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6 Things to Do Right Away If Your Laptop Gets Stolen

Laptop Theft, Theft Prevention October 20, 2016

Airports are one of the most common places laptops are stolen from.

There are an almost infinite number of places from which a laptop computer can be stolen, with some of the most common sites of laptop theft being airports, hotel rooms, cars, cafes, and offices. At the world’s 36 biggest airports, over 10,000 laptops are lost or stolen every week, and thousands more are stolen from smaller airports. Most of these are never recovered, but that’s partly because many people assume there’s no chance of getting their laptop back and don’t even bother to report it missing.

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Why Auto Thefts Make Halloween Even Scarier

Auto Theft October 19, 2016

Auto Theft at Halloween

According to the 2015 Holiday Vehicle Theft Report by the National Crime Information Center, Labor Day and New Year’s Day were the 2014 holidays when the most cars were stolen. But just closely behind New Year’s Day was Halloween, with 2,010 reported car thefts that day.

Holidays prompt people to do things differently, and it may cause people to take chances they might not ordinarily. So it’s essential that car owners don’t let their guard down just because everyone’s in costume, or because you’re parked outside a great party at a friend’s house.

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No Anti-Theft Measures to Be Found with Apple’s New AirPods Headphones

stolen cell phone, Theft Prevention October 18, 2016


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now available, with their most buzzworthy features being a waterproof body, dual rear-cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus, and the absence of a headphone jack. That doesn’t mean owners can’t use headphones with it, but if they want to rely on their current headphones that use a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack they’ll have to use a Lightning converter.

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Making the Case for a Stolen Phone Database

How To Find Stolen Property, stolen cell phone October 17, 2016

Stolen cell phone

Opportunity theft of mobile devices is a big problem in the United States, and it takes many forms. Some stolen cell phones are simply picked from people’s pockets or otherwise grabbed when the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes crooked employees steal phones from stock, and sometimes people lease phones (so they don’t have a legal title) and then sell them.

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The Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament is Also a Brilliant Anti-Theft Device

Auto Theft, Theft Prevention September 9, 2016


Back in the 1970s and prior, stealing hubcaps was a petty criminal pastime. This was way before custom wheels and rims became so popular. At that time, hubcaps were made of metal and added value to the car. Also, they were fairly easy to steal and sell. That trend faded out as automobile manufacturers started replacing metal hubcaps with plastic ones and the market for used hubcaps deflated. Today, hubcaps are rarely stolen, unless they’re stolen from a classic car outfitted with particularly nice ones.

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How a Simple Sign Can Help Prevent Bicycle Theft

Anti-Theft Signs, Bicycle Theft September 5, 2016

Anti Bike Theft Sign
Human brain architecture is designed for detecting facial features, such as a pair of eyes. This “gaze detection” is hardwired into the human brain, and once offered a helpful evolutionary tool for, say, detecting an enemy lurking nearby.

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With RFID, the Future of Anti-Theft Devices Looks Bright

Theft Prevention September 1, 2016

RFID will be woven into clothing soon

The anti-shoplifting alarms you encounter in retail stores use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The science behind RFID technology – radio waves – was developed back in the 19th century, but RFID applies this technology in a novel way. Entrance and exit points at retailers are equipped with radio frequency transmitters and receivers, and merchandise items contain embedded or attached radio frequency tags.

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Funny Anti-Theft Signs

Theft Prevention February 16, 2016

Don't feed the thievesFrustrated with thieves, these anti-theft signs get the message across.

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Stolen Guitars Recovered Using Crime Fighting Website

Recovered Stolen Property, Stolen Musical Equipment January 21, 2016

Stolen Guitars Are Home

Stolen Guitars Found

Stolen Guitars Found – Yeah Team!

Atlanta, GA – Two rare stolen guitars were recovered Sunday after a potential buyer spotted them for sale online and was able to identify them as stolen through Stolen 911. This is just the latest recovery of stolen musical instruments that began for the theft fighting site since 2007.

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Posting Stolen Property to Social Media

How To Find Stolen Property August 26, 2015

sharing stolen property posts

Once your post is up on Stolen 911, use the Facebook Comments at the bottom of your post to get the word out on Facebook. Be sure to check the “Also post on Facebook” box. The video below explains…

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Don’t Fall for the Cell Phone Numbers Go Public This Month Hoax

Scams / Beware /Hoax January 7, 2015

It's a Hoax - Cell Phone Numbers Do Not Go PublicOnce again I checked my Facebook wall today to see another viral post being shared.  The post says that “all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.”  It goes on to say, “YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS.” It then suggests that to prevent this from happening, call the National DO NOT CALL LIST from your cell phone.   Finally, it asks you to share the post to help others.  Well, once again it appears to be a hoax, this one going back to at least 2004.   Snopes.comHoax Slayer.

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Don’t Fall for the Facebook Copyright Hoax

Scams / Beware /Hoax January 6, 2015

Facebook copyright hoax

Facebook copyright hoax

So the Facebook privacy notices everyone has been posting to their walls is apparently just a big hoax.  According to ABC news and Snopes.com, “Facebook isn’t claiming copyright to the personal information, photographs, and other material that their users are posting to the social network.”   I guess if you really want to be safe, you can always be like Beatrice of the Esurance commercials.  (and no, I’m not selling Esurance)

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Stolen dog found 2400 miles from home

Stolen Pets January 1, 2015

Stolen dog comes home

Stolen dog comes home

2400 miles from home, this stolen dog will soon be returned.  The owners set up a Facebook page to get the word out.  A truck driver, who was seen taking the dog, surrendered the pouch on the other side of the country.


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Fake $100 Bill Scam – True or False?

Scams / Beware /Hoax December 2, 2014

Fake $100 Bill Scam

Fake $100 Bill Scam – Is it True

What’s the scoop on the Fake $100 Bill Scam?

On my Facebook wall I’ve noticed several of my friends have been posting a story sure to get attention this holiday season.

A women enters her car after shopping at Walmart.  As she turns her head to back out, she notices what appears to be a $100 bill on her rear window. With her keys in the ignition and the car running, she gets out to investigate. A thief is waiting nearby and jumps into the car and drives off.

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