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Stolen Classic Cars & Trucks (53)

Stolen 911 is the easiest way to get your stolen classic indexed by the Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once posted, we provide you with a simple way to share your stolen classic's listing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Stolen 911 was developed by Marc Hinch, an Auto Theft Detective who specializes in Stolen Classics. We hope our site can help and generate some leads. We wish you the best in recovering your stolen Classic


Stolen 1977 Chevrolet Silverado truck


Was parked in front of stolen sometime Saturday evening or early Sunday morning. Pickup truck in excellent condition

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Reward $1,000.00


Someone broke into our garage and stole our precious classic mustang. It is completely remodeled and we are heartbroken. It took us 3 years to […]

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Flyer 1 as of 5 Apr 15

Reward $1,000.00

Stolen 85 GMC Caballero Diablo SS from Brunswick, GA

PLEASE HELP, my sons (17 YOA, 1st Car) was stolen from our driveway in Timber Ridge Subdivision in Brunswick, GA near I95 Toyota at 4:13 […]

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Stolen from 42nd and slide


It broke down on me while I was heading home from work. Told the owner of the house it was parked in front of was, […]

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Reward $500.00

Stolen 1961 Ford Falcon

$500 DOLLAR REWARD for any info leading to the return of our stolen blue, two-door 1961 Ford Falcon. This car is a member of our […]

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Reward $1,000.00

1987 Monte Carlo SS.

Parked in Baptist East Hospital parking lot. Had on camera red Tahoe and three black males. Car was primered and all body panels were perfect. […]

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Reward $1,000.00

Stolen 1982 El Camino

Woke up one morning to find shattered glass where my 1982 Chevrolet El Camino had been broken into and stolen.

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1971 Toyota land cruiser


1971 red…Top is currently off..black rims..on the rear bumper there is a United states marine sticker.Last seen in front of our home around 11pm.Around 5am […]

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Stolen Chevrolet C-10


A 1986 Chevrolet C-10 truck. It has/ had Goodyear tires on it. Picked it up in Florida yesterday morning and driving it back to Ohio. […]

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1956 Chevy 210

Reward $10,000.00

1956 Chevrolet 210

1956 Chevrolet 210 2 Door 6 Cylinder 3 Speed on the column 2 Tone Green White top B56J028552 My car was stolen from Woburn, Ma. […]

764 total views, 3 today

Old car1

Reward $1,000.00

Deceased Father’s Ford Model A

My father was hospitalized and later passed away. In the meantime, thieves came to his home and stole this car, and everything else of value, […]

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Stolen 1940 Chevy 2 Door & Superior Trailer


Was doing a car show this past Saturday (8/13/16) in The Plains, VA when a family came around passing out the flyer attached below. Their […]

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Stolen from Jack London Square parking garage, please share.


It was taken from the Market parking garage off Jack London square at approximately 10am on 7/28. If you see her in passing or parked […]

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Monty Carlo


built the car over many years,over 10 grand in Big Block,motor,its more then a car its family,was in the hospital when someone took it.

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Stolen on Sept 20 1970 between 4 and 6 AM , no broken glass or sign of forced entry . Was as rare of a […]

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