May 6, 2021
Pima County Sheriff's Department
Case # - 210 506 313
VIN - F44CD7V052499

Go back two months, I helped a “friend” fix her unemployment claim and got her $9,000.00 in back pay she had been fighting to get for months because someone hacked her n she was flagged for fraud. I FIXED IT!! Then about a week before the crime, she starts saying something about someone stole her identity and weird stuff which I blew off because, well, she is a tweaked-out meth head. this person and I lived on the same lot of land she has a fifth wheel and my fiance and I had our awesome 1978 Vacationer RV that we transformed into a self-sustaining solar-powered home of our dreams. We bought our RV because we had both been homeless and never wanted to be again, plus, we wanted to travel. We were visiting my mama one night and I started getting mean messages from my”friend”. She was accusing me of stealing her identity and says some off-the-wall bat shit crazy story. Typical tweaker, anyhow I at first was like fuck you we will be gone in a few days. then my fiance was simply tired of me arguing with her so he went with his good friend to get our RV and EVERYTHING WE OWN pack it up and move it away from a crazy tweaker. When he got to 9365 S Carol Dr. Tucson AZ, it was gone. EVERYTHING WE OWNED INCLUDING OUR HOME GONE GUYS!!! Long story short we are homeless, jumping from place to place cuz it’s too hot to be outside. The police have found nothing, the best part I have messages from her admitting to the theft. Yet no arrest???? Plz help us plz someone PLEASE LORD SEND HELP OUR WAY

It has a home ac on the passenger side, no screen door, huge hole in grey water tank, ladder on the back is crooked, fake blood on driver’s side back window…..solar panels on n roof. It’s a 1978 Vacationer

VIN F44CD7V052499


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