Advertise on Stolen 911

Stolen 911 offers sponsorships opportunities for both national, branded products as “Sponsors” and local theft prevention services as “Local Crime Fighting Partners”

US and Canada National Sponsors

If you have a branded theft prevention product or service Stolen 911 is the place to run your campaign. Perfect for Asset Tracking Products, Lock Products, Surveillance Cameras, Insurance Companies and Identify Theft Protection Products.

 Local Crime Fighting Partners

  1. For just $5.00 a month, our Local Crime Fighting Partners get exclusive local ad rights* to all the Stolen 911 posts in the cities of their choice.  Perfect for local alarm installation companies , surveillance installation companies, security services, local insurance brokers, etc.
  2. Besides your ad placed in all of the posts from your target city, your company or service will get its own partner page; example:  The latest Stolen 911 listings from your target city or area will be displayed on “Your Branded” page including your clickable phone number, contact forms and social media feeds and backlinks to your website.  If you don’t have a website you could just use this page for your business all for as little as $5.00 per month.  Live example: Check out Video Pro-tection’s Stolen 911 Page.
  3. Your local ads will also appear exclusively on the dedicated Stolen 911 City page you have chosen.  Live example: Our local partner Video Pro-tection chose Oakland, CA as it’s target city.  Video Pro-tection is the exclusive advertiser for the Oakland page.

Local Sponsor Features

  • Local posts branded with your company name.
  • Featuring theft stories in your target area.
  • Exclusive city rights to your company.
  • Dedicated partner page at Stolen 911.
  • Exclusive sponsor of your city’s page.
  • Your ad appears above crimes stories your service could help prevent.

*Local ads appear just below the national ads within the target cities listings. Generally $5.00 per city.  Regional Ads may be more.

For all your advertising questions or to get started call or fill out the form below or to get more information

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