Classic Bugatti Type 30 Convertible

Classic Bugatti Type 30 Convertible

GPS Tracker For Your Classic

I've been using GPS trackers since 2003. This is one of my favorites. -Marc @Stolen 911
Recovery Story...

Update: Recovered - The final tip leading to the Bugatti's recovery came to Stolen 911 after posting details regarding the theft provided by Hagerty Classic Cars. According to Stolen 911 creator and Auto Theft Investigator Marc Hinch, "Getting this post in front of the eyes of the crooks was the key." "Stolen 911 used targeted, promoted social media posts to put pressure on the bad guys."  Within just a few hours of a targeted campaign, an anonymous tip to Stolen 911 was passed on to investigators. Awesome job by the Central Marin Police Authority, the Marin County Sheriffs Department, the California Highway Patrol and Hagerty Insurance.   Working together with Stolen 911, this classic is now safe where it belongs.

Need leads for your cold case? Post the information about your case to Stolen 911. The cost is free and the paid targeted campaigns are covered by our sponsors and patrons who are happy to help close your case.

Type - car
Make - Bugatti
Model - Type 30 Convertible
Year - 1925
Color(s) - Blue
License - PO Box 3076


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Stolen early Sunday Morning on 5/14/17 in Marin

Not gonna be easy to sell or move. Make some money and send us the tip to get it back.

1925 Bugatti Type 30 Convertible

The vehicle has a black top and black leather interior. There is no driver’s side door. The vehicle is right hand drive, with a 2.2 CC straight 8 over-head-cam engine, dual carburetor exhaust system.

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Steet - 5842 Paradise Drive
Corte Madera
Date of Theft - 05/14/17
Police Report - Yes
Central Marin Police Authority
Case # - PA 17-10-58

Stolen 911 cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Stolen property must be confirmed with a law enforcement agency. Rewards are the responsibility of the submitting party (not Stolen 911) with guidance from law enforcement.  

GPS Tracker For Your Classic

I've been using GPS trackers since 2003. This is one of my favorites. -Marc @Stolen 911
Classic Bugatti Type 30 Convertible
Corte Madera