Canon Camera Gear and GoPro Stolen in SF Vehicle Break-In – Cole & Haight – SN 148028003567

January 1, 2022
San Francisco Police Department
Case # - 226000167

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S/N - 148028003567
UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS - The mode dial is missing the graphic/piece at the top showing the mode options. This will be obvious as these do not typically fall off.

Rental car parked at Cole and Haight intersection. Back right window was busted out, bag containing camera equipment was taken. Canon 6D, GoPro Hero 8, Canon 16-35mm, Canon 75-300mm. The total stolen comes close to $3,000. We have photos of our trip to Yosemite and SF on these cameras. We were scheduled to fly out the following morning. Please help.

The Private Investigator's Take...

Never leave anything in your car while visiting San Francisco.  SF is the all-time capital of vehicle break-in these days.

Make sure to hide an Apple AirTag in your gear bag.

Apple AirTag to Track Anything Stolen

Just this week I worked on two cases where AirTags have led to a recovery. - Marc Hinch PI

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