How to get on the “Most Viewed” list at Stolen 911

Have you noticed that some Stolen 911 posts are seen more than others? The posts that get seen the most are the posts that are shared on Social Media. Sharing your stolen item’s Digital Fingerprint is easy using the the provided social media share buttons. Facebook is the most successful when it comes to Stolen 911 users. Reddit users also have had success getting their stolen property story told. The concept is simple, Stolen 911 is the internet deposit of your stolen item’s story. Once posted, Google will index the post and make it easy to find during a internet search. Linked social media posts with just enough information to get attention will get more viewers looking for your stolen property. Just use the provided buttons.

So go to the post you want to share and use the buttons to share it now.

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By Marc Hinch

A retired Police Investigator specializing in auto theft and fraud, I now work as an Investigator using Stolen 911 to develop leads recovering stolen property across the US and Canada. You can reach me at @heyhinch or @stolen911 on Twitter.