Jewelry Collection Stolen In Uppsala Burglary – Please Help

March 16, 2022
Polisen, Region Mitt, Svartbäcksgatan 49, 751 81-
Case # - 5000-K404311-22
UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS - Tiffany perfume heart in sterling silver engraved "Elizabeth" on one side and "from Bennett, 1988-1989) on other side....Gold round bracelet pendant with three monogrammed initials in classic cursive

Having lived in big American cities for years, the decision to move to Europe and live in a somewhat rural area of Sweden near the city of Uppsala brought about a renewed sense of security.

Though this old University city in Sweden draws tourists and students from all over the world, we have heard very little of any thefts in our residential area. Exceptions have been only some tires taken from someone’s property, and in the past weeks, a neighbors’ bike went missing. It is this atmosphere that led to the shock of realizing on March 16, 2022, that a number of inherited and vintage jewelry items were missing from our home, along with my American passport. The value of the items is estimated at several thousand dollars, but it is the history of each piece connected to beloved family members which makes them most precious in personal value. Any help given in finding these would be deeply appreciated.


1 – Patek Phillipe Antique diamond watch in platinum from the 1920s- early 1930’s) smooth black cloth strap, new silver metal buckle recently added by Peter Schütz jeweler, oblong square dial surrounded by diamonds, extended side buckles on each side of the watch adorned with diamonds. Refurbished in 2020 by Peter Schütz goldsmith in Uppsala.

The pictures do not depict the actual watch but are only similar, related items. My missing watch has an almost identical face with the “Patek Phillippe” logo but with the diamonds on the side in a straight formation (not with singular diamonds extended out of line as one in the photo). Also, my watch does not have its original battery mechanism within, but a restored and updated one and battery. Over twenty years ago an estimate of its value was appraised at $10,000 dollars but it has likely increased over the past 20 years. Its value to us is not monetary but very sentimental.

2 – Gold bracelet from the 1940-50s, in the form of two openable halves with elongated, flat square surfaces as illustrated. Refurbished in 2020 by Peter Schütz jeweller in Uppsala.
Illustration from memory.

3 – Gold necklace 1940-50s, 14-20 carat gold, consisting of elongated links see the picture below. Refurbished in 2020 by Peter Schütz jeweller in Uppsala.

4 – Antique ring from the 1920’s-1930s, restored in 2020 for 5 000 SEK by Peter Schütz goldsmith in Uppsala.
The ring is white gold, approximately 75 or more carats. Below is an actual photo of my ring, unique with filigree on the sides.

5 – 1 pc Small perfume holder in sterling silver Tiffany Heart with engraving: To Elizabeth from Bennett 1988 (or ’89). Also marked Tiffany & Co. The image below is an exact duplicate of the item from Tiffany & Co. without the engraving.

6 – Charm bracelet in silver. Sterling silver charm bracelet with a small silver heart engraved “EAM” in classic cursive, and a small round medal from my high school with the engraving “Georgetown Visitation”
and another silver charm with the classic drama/comedy faces… and three other charms.
Please note that the pictures do NOT depict the actual item, but I believe the charm (see below) is exactly like the one that is missing.

7 – a thin sterling silver chain which I think is exactly like the one missing. Mine has two strands of thin silver like these and one of the charms
missing is a small heart engraved EAM (mine has a smaller hook for the chain, not as large as that in the photo)

8 – diamond pendant in 14-carat gold with 6-7 small diamonds in a rose design. The flower petal is in gold with small diamonds inlaid. Here is a picture similar to the small diamond pendant that is missing, however mine has solid leaf forms rather than the outlined ones in this image. And rather than one single diamond in the center, the missing one has 6 to 7 diamonds set on the gold leaves in the design. Only the pendant is missing and there was no chain.

9 – Heavy, gold-colored brass chain bracelet with attached round pendant with engraved initials of a family member in the formal script (maybe WLM….clasp with gold/brass-heavy chain, detailed raised edge on the circular pendant. The following photos show parts of a similar bracelet and the shape of the engraved large circular medallion with the style of engraved initials and the next image shows the similar raised border style of the single round charm that is missing.

10 – Tiffany hand mirror. The mirror was in its original Tiffany & Co. fabric case.
The image is similar to the missing item with some swirled engraving, but not exact.
Example of a similar item.

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