My Everything Stolen

April 7, 2021

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VIN - JN1EV7AR9LM260044

All of my very unique clothing and bedding were in a car I was using along with my passport. I’ve only left the country once when I was 25. My ex-partner took me for my birthday and it was the happiest I’ve ever been. Losing not only my only form of Identification really sucks but what is even worse to me is the physical passport book, where’s it’s been, who I was with, and the stamps. That is something that will truly weigh heavy on my heart. For someone to rob me of the ability to look back on it in hand is immoral and cruel. furthermore, my clothes, which basically are a part of us. my clothes felt like armor, skin, and love. some old rare garments and vintage hand-me-downs will never be replaced no matter how much money you throw at me, you might as well tear my skin off and call it yours because that kind of loss will never be forgotten. along with the amount of money I recently spent on a very new queer up-and-coming artist, Patrick Church. I had thousands of dollars worth of his of course limited edition pieces, from a hand-painted bodysuit to opera gloves and literally so much more. now on to the car, I couldn’t care less. I was asked to basically watch it for a friend that was out of town and come to find out he stole the car from an older gentleman who is not out and married with kids. basically blackmailed this guy into letting the person I no longer communicate with into letting him take the car and run. I was entirely unaware and of course, screwed over.

The Private Investigator's Take...

Apple AirTag to Track Anything Stolen

Just this week I worked on two cases where AirTags have led to a recovery. - Marc Hinch PI

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After 21 years with the CHP specializing in auto theft and fraud, I now work as a PI using Stolen 911 to develop leads recovering stolen property across the US and Canada. You can reach me at @stolen911 on Twitter and be sure to follow the crime-fighting at Facebook & Instagram.

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