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NetWise Data


Stolen 911 has partnered with NetWise Data in effort to prevent the sale of stolen items on the web.

A data cloud of Stolen 911 Listings provides leads for Investigators

PRM’s data cloud of Stolen 911 listings provides leads for investigators

Now when you create a Digital Fingerprint of your stolen property on Stolen 911, important information about your item will also be linked with NetWise Data’s Product Resale Monitor (PRM).  NetWise PRM is the first web application to search the internet for stolen items.

NetWise PRM is used exclusively by investigating agencies to pinpoint where and when a stolen item is being listed for resale online. This means that items you post on Stolen 911 will be connected directly to investigative agencies that actively search for stolen property, which in turn, increase your chances for recovery.

Visit NetWise.com to learn more.

Netwise Data's Data Map of Stolen 911

PRM ‘s data map of Stolen 911 listings