Reward $1,000.00
September 30, 2016
Lauderdale county sheriff

Someone broke into our garage and stole our precious classic mustang. It is completely remodeled and we are heartbroken. It took us 3 years to restore it. My husband is so upset. It is his baby. The car is flat black with satin black Shelby stripes. It is a professional paint job (no rattle can paint for his baby). There are silver pinstripes on either side of the stripes. It is believed to be in northern mississippi no . There have been several sightings. There really two guys taking pictures of it to car shops asking if they can sell it. They cannot drive the car around bc it is so identifiable and it has been posted everywhere as stolen. Please if you see or hear about this car please call the police. It has been reported stolen.

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Stolen 911 cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Stolen property must be confirmed with a law enforcement agency. Rewards are the responsibility of the submitting party (not Stolen 911) with guidance from law enforcement.  

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After 21 years with the CHP specializing in auto theft and fraud, I now work as a PI using Stolen 911 to develop leads recovering stolen classic cars across the US and Canada.

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