Personal Paintings I painted as a 12/13 Year Old Stolen - STOLEN 911

Personal Paintings I painted as a 12/13 Year Old Stolen

Personal Paintings I painted as a 12/13 Year Old Stolen

Not sure
Type of Art - Painting

I did canvas painting as a12/13 year old. My paintings were always hung in my parents home. When they sold their last home in 2014, they were supposed to get an apartment that fell through. So my husband and I stored their stuff at our rental property upstate in Prattsville. I decided to store the paintings in the house in the living room closet so they wouldn’t get warped or ruined. The closet wasn’t locked but nobody needed to be in that closet unless they were snooping. Then my Mom got sick and the next few years until she past last July, 2018 was all I could deal with . This summer, 2019 I decided to take my paintings home to hang and when I opened the closet, they were gone. I knew I had pictures of the paintings and I finally found them and that’s what I can post. The signatures on the paintings are ” Lori M ” for two which are distinctive for a 12/13 year old and the other just Lori which is tiny and faint. I would be so blessed to have them back and I would not care to prosecute or deal with the thief at all. Just want my childhood paintings back and I know my Mom would love for me to hang them now in my own home.

Paintings are signed ” Lori M ” or ” Lori “

Etta Post Road
Prattsville, NY
New York
Date of Theft - Not sure
Police Report? - No
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