Stolen Caliber Utility Trailer – Nashville

November 26, 2021
Metro Nashville Police Department
Case # - 20210608452
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Type - Utility Trailer
Caliber Trailer
Color(s) - Black
Length - 10 foot
Number of Axles - 1
VIN - 57BAGE51XM1046611

Trailer has been parked in my garden for the past three months. What appears to be a light-coloured SUV/sedan crossover type vehicle pulled up at 10:39p on Friday, Nov 28 and drove away with it. It had/has a yellow ball hitch lock on it. The doorbell camera footage is too dark/grainy to make out details of theft or make/model of vehicle

The Private Investigator's Take...

These days a small tracker is needed on trailers. At a minimum, I would place an Apple AirTag on any trailer.

Apple AirTag to Track a Trailer

Just this week I worked two cases where AirTags have led to a recovery - Marc Hinch PI

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