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Before you post your stolen camera to Facebook groups, Nextdoor and such, post it to Stolen 911 first! Many of the social media watch group posts cannot be shared. On Stolen 911, all the posts can be shared easily.

Camera buyers, sellers, & and those who know about the whereabouts of a stolen camera: If you recognize camera gear posted here, use the tip links embedded in the post to return the gear to its owner. You may even get a reward.

The Stolen Camera and Gear Database at Stolen 911 is where victims fight back.  Developed by Theft Investigator Marc Hinch, Stolen 911 has helped in the recovery of thousands of dollars in stolen photography, film, and video equipment.

Post gear for free. Add as much detail as possible to increase your chances of a safe return. Be sure to submit photographs and surveillance images if you have them. Your stolen camera’s information can be updated as needed. When posted, use Stolen 911’s social media tools to share the info to social media crime & photography groups.