Stolen Dodge Charger - STOLEN 911

Stolen Dodge Charger

Reward $300.00

Stolen Dodge Charger

Reward $300.00
Model Year - 2016
Make - Dodge
Model - Charger
Color(s) - Black
License Plate - 44769B7

A friend and I were driving in a rental car from Turo and came across an old friend that I haven’t seen since middle school. He asked us to give him a ride home, We obliged and took him home. Then decided to go out for the night to catch up with each other. As the night went on, it was clear that he had ulterior motives and managed to drug my drink while I was away from the counter, and coerced me to leave the bar, leaving my other friend behind.

I became disoriented and paralyzed, couldn’t stand up straight, or focus clearly. When I regained some of my sense, we were parked in an alleyway bear Statler hotel; and my supposed friend, whom I trusted signaled to several other individuals to hijack the car from me at gunpoint.

They coerced me out of the vehicle, took the keys and some of the other belongings that were in the car and left me behind.  Afterward, I walked around the area until I found my other friend and we looked for help until someone offered to call the police and hear us out.

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Street - Commerce St
Date of Theft - 9/19/2019
Police Report? - Yes
Dallas Police Department
Case Number - 190453-2019

Stolen 911 cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Stolen property must be confirmed with a law enforcement agency. Rewards are the responsibility of the listing party with guidance from law enforcement.