Stolen 1967 Camaro - STOLEN 911

Stolen 1967 Camaro

Reward $1,000.00

Stolen 1967 Camaro

Reward $1,000.00
Model Year - 1967
Make - Chevrolet
Model - Camaro
Color(s) - Red
License Plate - 6FSM537
VIN - 124377L100955

Red 1967 Camaro was stolen from in front of the house on 2-28-2010. Car had newer camaro style gold colored IROC rims on it, a cowl induction hood, and a wooden steering wheel. The car had an aluminum LT1 motor with a 6 speed transmission. The interior is all black and it has an RS front end on it with hidden headlight covers and an SS logo on the grill.

The police took a report about the stolen car. The responding officer told me it was my fault the camaro was stolen because I parked it on the street, and then they did nothing else. They refused to reply to the 5 phone calls I made to the stolen car department over the next year.

I complained to the main police station downtown about the local station ignoring me. After that I got a call from a Lt Martinez at the Taraval station who told me “We don’t look for stolen cars. We are too busy to look for stolen cars”.

So much time has passed now that the police have even removed the stolen car from their stolen car database. That is their standard procedure, to remove stolen cars from their database after 5 years, even if the car has never been recovered.

I would be very happy to hear from anyone who knows anything about this stolen vehicle.

Edit: I recently received a visit from a police officer from the Santa Clara Car Theft Task Force. He was asking me questions about the guy who lives across the street from me. Maybe it was him who stole the car. He has been in jail a few times and is outside at all hours of the night with people stopping by and hanging out at 3 AM in the morning. He is a big fat white guy who talks really loud.

If that helps jog anyone’s memory, the reward is still available for information about the car.

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Street - 1546 29th Ave
San Francisco
Date of Theft - 2/28/2010
Police Report? - Yes
San Francisco Police Department, Taraval Station
Case Number - 100193202

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