Stolen Detached Trailer  Location Tift County and Cook County with Math Teacher school supplies, books and equipment inside

BOUNTY Up to $1,500.00 for Info
June 8, 2018
Tift County
Case # - 2018-07-95346
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VIN - 16HCR10178G054565

I am a high school mathematics teacher and had all my school
equipment, books and 1000 dollars of brand new school supplies, calculators,
computer and apple I pad and other valuable school supplies I use to help
students. I also lost all of my family pictures of all my family that are
from the Bahamas. My suitcase with my clothes shoes, and all of my both me
and my husband summer clothes. Black Nautica suitcase with all my clothes,
tax records, medical records, and my car titles for a Honda Civic and Nissan
Armada. Household decorations, household tables, picture frames, dishes,
pots, etc. Please need help to at least recover my family pictures if
possible and the medical records I need because I had knee surgery this year
and the doctor retired. I took a 7000 thousand dollar lost but will be happy
with just getting my medical records and family pictures.The trailer location
might be in Florida because it was taken one hour away from Florida.
Please you can call or text me @ 770-882-9218 or Tift county

The Private Investigator's Take...

Apple AirTag to Track a Trailer

Just this week I worked two cases where AirTags have led to a recovery - Marc Hinch PI

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