BOUNTY Up to $1,000.00 for Info
February 20, 2017
Greensboro PD
Case # - 20170506086
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VIN - 56WBU1226DE000751

My dump trailer was swiped right out of our parking lot at my
gym on or about 5/2/2017. I definitely had possession on April 24. My friend
said he parked next to it on April 29th at 10:30am. I am 99% sure i noticed
that the tire was flat on May 2nd. Another friend actually said he parked in
the parking stall that i had it in on May 3rd @ aprox 5:30. Trailer has 2
cylinders to lift the bed. The bed was empty. There is an interstate (green)
battery inside the control box. The control box has a dent on the lid. There
is also short bungy chords in the box. The loading ramps are attached to the
side of the trailer. the one on the left has a bent lip at the top (the side
that rests on the trailer when loading something) because it’s plate welding
is not the same as the right side. The bed is a little rusty and has plenty
scratches. There were two wooden boards for the sides to extend the height. I
never cut the lumber so they are a little long and don’t seat all the way in
the slot (they are slightly angled). IT HAS A PENNSYLVANIA PLATE WITHOUT
STICKERS ON IT AND REGISTRATION IS EXPIRED. It has 2 axles and the drivers
rear tire goes flat quick because of a screw in the tire. The center caps
grease fitting covers are really dirty from the grease leaking. The pictures
below are of one brand new..

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