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Stolen Guitars Found

Stolen Guitars Found – Yeah Team!

Atlanta, GA – Two rare stolen guitars were recovered Sunday after a potential buyer spotted them for sale online and was able to identify them as stolen through Stolen 911. This is just the latest recovery of stolen musical instruments that began for the theft fighting site since 2007.

After reporting the theft to the Dekalb County Police Department back in June, Atlanta area musician Glenn X, posted a detailed description of his prized guitars on Stolen 911 creating Digital Fingerprints of the stolen instruments. One was a late ’80s Sunburst Modulus Blackknife Guitar with a dancing bear on the 12th fret, the other, a Hoag Guitar with a cocobolo top and a bumblebee on the fretboard.


Both stolen guitars returned after theft

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Fast forward to seven months later, a New York man interested in purchasing a guitar unwittingly found one of Glenn’s stolen guitars posted for sale in an Atlanta Craigslist ad. He performed a simple Google search of the Modulus Blackknife which led him to Glenn’s posting on Stolen 911.

Craigslist ad of stolen guitar for sale

Craigslist ad of stolen guitar for sale

That same New York man located the second of Glenn’s guitars for sale on and again found it too was posted on Stolen 911. Both guitars were offered by the same seller. Recognizing that the guitars for sale were in fact stolen, the New Yorker used our Stolen 911 Tip feature to report his findings, which resulted in links to both “for sale” ads being sent to Glenn, the guitars’ original owner, and he forwarded them to his local police department. The police then contacted the seller and recovered both guitars. Glenn sent Stolen 911 a photo of his returned prized guitars and a note:

Getting the guitars back into my possession would have been a lot more difficult if not for Stolen 911. As soon as the guitars were listed for sale on a gear site and craigslist, I started receiving messages from Stolen 911 and the Stolen 911 community. Immediately I was able to see that these were indeed my stolen guitars for sale and get the ball rolling with police intervention…. A truly amazing site, thank you Stolen 911 community and thank you Marc.  Keep your eyes peeled.

(You’re so welcome, Glenn! We are always happy to hear that our website works to help kind people get their stuff back! Chalk up one for the good guys.)

By Stolen 911

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