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Stolen Antiques (27)

The Stolen Antique List at Stolen 911 is where victims fight back.

Our Stolen Antique Database is monitored by police, collectors and antique dealers .  Post for free to make a "Digital Fingerprint" of your stolen antiques.

Features for Antique Theft Victims-

  • Add as much detail about your antiques as possible to increase your chances of a recovery.
  • Edit, update or remove your antique's listing as needed.
  • Post photographs detailing your antiques. What is its story? Tell people why the antique is so important to you.
  • Use Stolen 911's social media tools to share your stolen antique's info to friends, colleagues, dealers and collectors.
  • Stolen 911's "Submit a Tip" button collects information about your stolen antiques which is forward to you and law enforcement.

Features for Antique Buyers & Sellers-

  • Helps you recognize stolen antiques.
  • If you recognize an antique as stolen, use the "Submit a Tip button embedded in the post to help return the item to the owner.


Reward $100.00

GE floor fan

A mid-1940s brown GE Vortex floor fan was stolen among other things from my home in a break in.

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Reward $1,000.00


Stolen Collection….please help…If you have any information or have the comics (I don’t have a lot of assets besides my house, but I would compensate […]

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Antiques family


The person who was supposed to help sell out stuff in a yard sale told us later their car was repossessed with all our stuff […]

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Reward $50.00

Griffin Cement Statues

Two 3 foot tall cement Griffin statues were stolen from my front porch steps in the middle of the night. They were extremely heavy and […]

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Reward $100.00

Family’s Tea set stolen

My wife’s father had just cleaned her families tea set. My wife had it in the vehicle got home late night and when she went […]

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Reward $1,000.00

Stolen Print of Young Lady holding a Dove

A print from 1897 of a young woman holding a dove on her right hand, with head slightly tilted upward. Was in its original frame […]

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Pluegher Fishing Display – Rare


Very rare vintage display identical to the photo. Photo is for description only and not the one stolen. The photo is the only other one […]

423 total views, 0 today


Reward $500.00

Stolen Jewelry Box

Mahogany wood. Three drawers on the left. One door with glass window on the right. Small in size

2765 total views, 0 today



Candle stick phone


Old antique candle stick phone stolen from my deceased fathers home. Between 11/15-11/16/2016. Realtors were showing home and was taken during the time frame of […]

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Sterling pillbox, 3D roused on top, rectangular


Gift many many years ago

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Reward $250.00

Stolen antique coin silver baby mug

Antique coin silver christening mug engraved “Arthur B Leach/October 8th, 1863”

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Reward $250.00

Stolen antique baby knife and spoon

Antique baby knife and spoon engraved “Arthur.”

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Reward $30.00

Railroad passes from 1800’s

6 Railroad passes from the 1800’s from various Colorado railroads with the name Willard Barnes Felton on them.

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ceiling light fixture


theft only stole vintage items from a residential home, so they clearly know what is vintage and valuable.

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theft 2


beveled leaded glass cupboard doors


a thief entered the home and only stole valuable collectables. they left other items that were not vintage (i.e. microwave etc)

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