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Stolen Yamaha R6 Motorcycles (17)

Please help by keeping an eye out for these stolen Yamaha R6 motorcycles. If you come across one of these R6s, use the submit a tip button within the post to pass along the information to its owner and police. If you have had a YZF-R6 stolen, post it to Stolen 911 before you share it on social media. Not all posts on social media like Facebook can be shared, but all posts on Stolen 911 can be shared and seen by anyone. This is the one place to collect leads for the return of your stolen Yamaha R6. Once posted, use our social media share buttons to get the word out. Since 2007, Stolen 911 has worked with hundreds of motorcycle owners to develop leads to recover their stolen R6 Yamahas and more. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you and be safe. -Marc @Stolen911


Reward $1,000.00

Stolen R6 Rialto California

Woke up at 4 am was leaving my house at 5 noticed my motorcycle wasn’t in my parking spot in my apartment complex and that’s […]

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Reward $2,000.00

Stole my blue Yamaha yzf-r6, 2018

My motorcycle was chained to a street sign pole. The pole was bent down to the ground by using some type of machinery. The bike […]

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Side 1

Reward $750.00

Stolen 2007 Yamaha R6

This was my first bike. I have had it for six years and have put a lot of time and money into it. It was […]

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Reward $200.00

Stolen 2007 yamaha r6 “Silverado at Brushy Creek”


Red R6 stolen, has a gytr shorty exhaust, dubble bubble smoked windscreen, vortex sprockets, HID blue headlights. Has a small dent and scratches on the […]

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2014 White Yamaha R6


Recently purchased bike Parked overnight in front of friends apartment in Astoria on 30th drive and crescent. Put lock on wheel at 1am and came […]

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Reward $1,000.00

Stolen 08 Yamaha r6s

Left in back of house with alarm and wheel lock. Woke up next morning and it was gone.

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Reward $2,000.00

Yamaha R6 stolen from Aire Apartments Garage in San Jose

My motorcycle was stolen from the Aire apartments (north San Jose) and i’m posting this in hope that someone might recognize the bike or parts […]

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Reward $100.00

2016 Yamaha R6

At 3:30am my Yamaha R6 was stolen and gore wired and the theif road away, all people involved included the lookout and scout were all […]

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Reward $500.00

Stolen Silver Yamaha R6

Stopen from High Point apartments from between 1am and 5am on wednsday morning 5/30. Near cow palace Has smoked headlights Roadrash on right side black […]

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2017 Yamaha R6 was stolen from my apartment on may 19 2018. A week after mo...


So a week after my wife an I moved to Washington on may 19 2018 between 11:00 o’clock at night and 8:00 Sunday morning my […]

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Reward $1,000.00

2003 Yamaha R6

Someone stole my motorcycle with a uhaul on Monday April 4th 2018. It’s was a 2003 Yamaha yzf R6 special edition Raven. Red and black […]

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2007 Yamaha R6`


Bike was under cover, stolen while away for the weekend. Gold rearsets, black windscreen. Dent on right side of the tank, and large rust colored […]

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Reward $500.00

Veteran’s Only Ride Stolen

Slightly scratched on the right side on faring and muffler. Bent brake pedal and blue tinted windshield. Stolen the night of Sunday 6 January – […]

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Yamaha R6 blue 2017


Stole from my condo garage from 5pm-7:30pm on october 23rd. 2017. Someone stole using a van

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Reward $300.00

2007 Yamaha R6

I went outside at 4:30 AM to grab some items out of my vehicle and the motorcycle was there, came back out at 9 AM […]

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