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Stolen Video Equipment (14)


Stolen VIZIO TV 42″


Stolen Vizio TV 42″ LCD HDTV

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Photos of Items stolen - composite


Stolen tripod, external camera monitors, and large professional Li-ion batt...


Sometime between 12/26/17 1pm and 12/27/17 12pm noon, items in my personal vehicle (parked in my driveway at home) were stolen. My whole car had […]

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Samsung 24-Inch 720p LED TV


Break-in and robbery occurred while away for the weekend on 12/2/17 or 12/3/17. Discovered on return on 12/4/17. TV stolen along with other electronics.

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Magnavox 50″ HD TV, damaged power button


Break-in and robbery while away for the weekend- discovered on Monday, 12/4/17. TV stolen along with many other electronics.

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Reward $100.00

Samsung 40″ Smart Class LED TV

Stolen 40″ Samsung Smart Class LED TV

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Vizio TV in couch picture

Reward $100.00

Stolen 55″ 4K Vizio TV

Nice, big 55″ 4K tv stolen from home. Smart TV and I have the MAC address to check if it’s plugged into a network. Originally […]

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Reward $600.00

Stolen Samsung 55 Inch Tv Model UN55MU6500F

Thieves broke into my apartment and stole this television and other items. The serial number is 06LP3CDJ803638. It was stolen out of my apartment in […]

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Reward $100.00

Stolen Video Camera

My Sony Handycam and miniature dvd’s contains several hours of work related project video. Everything was in a charcoal gray carrying case.

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Reward $200.00

Stolen Sony HandyCam

Sony Handycam camcorder stolen from pick up at 4:30 a.m. in the morning June 20th 2017. Extra battery, extra memory chip, has video of a […]

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Emerson TV DVD Player


Emerson TV/DVD Player Combo


This stolen item is an Emerson TV with a built-in DVD Player. The DVDs are inserted through the top of the TV. It is approx […]

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Reward $300.00

Apartment invasion

Stolen from my apartment, my girlfriend forgot to lock the door and the alarm system malfunctioned unfortunately. I’m pretty sure a blond haired Caucasian women […]

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Reward $100.00

50in smart vizio tv

50in vizio tv

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Reward $50.00

Stolen Panasonic Monitor

The stolen item is a Panasonic BT-LH900AP monitor with a #7 sticker on it(both front and back) May also have references to Pietown Productions etched […]

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Mom's Stolen Ring

Reward $1,000.00

Mother’s Engagement / Marriage Ring Combo from 40 yrs Ago

Friday between 9:30am and 2pm a burglar unlocked and opened the window to my apartment at Element Apartments and left with my iMac, TV, Apple […]

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