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Stolen Necklace (35)

Stolen Necklace Database at Stolen 911

Our registry of stolen Necklaces is monitored by police, pawn shops, collectors and just possibly anyone who may have come into possession of a stolen necklace.  By creating an "Internet Fingerprint", Stolen 911 provides you with simple tools to share the story of your necklace theft on social media and a place where someone can contact you. Start here to post a Stolen Necklace to Stolen 911.


Reward $50.00

Tri Gold Rope Chain

I usually take off my jewelry before going to bed and place it next to me in my nightstand. Sunday night I took it off […]

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Two Stolen One of a Kind Elva Fields Necklaces


Two one of a kind necklaces were mailed to me via USPS (in one package) and were shown as delivered. The temporary mail carrier left […]

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Reward $500.00

Deceased sons chain stolen Augusta GA

Deceased sons chain stolen out of a relatives apartment in Augusta GA. The apartment was bulgarized Sunday afternoon.

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Reward $2,000.00

Gold name necklace

Someone stole my necklace

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Pearl necklace stolen in burglary


This necklace was stolen in a burglary today. It’s very unique so the police think if we can track it down we can likely find […]

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Reward $3,900.00

Diamond tennis necklace


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Reward $5,000.00

Baltic yellow bead necklace. I can’t stop crying.

My mother gave me her antique baltic Amber necklace and it was recently stolen. It’s large in size (maybe 200 grams) with the largest bead […]

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Reward $250.00

Old glass bead necklaces from Amtrak 715 luggage theft

My luggage was stolen from Amtrak Train 715, somewhere between Bakersfield and Modesto, on January 31, 2018. Inside the bag were a number of custom […]

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Reward $250.00

Old “African Amber” Bakelite bead necklace

This necklace of old beads was in my suitcase that was stolen off Amtrak 715 on Jan. 31, 2018, somewhere between Bakersfield and Modesto stations. […]

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grandpa’s necklace


this was given to me by my grandpa right before he passed. Gold rope chain with a square W charm. very unique and cherished.

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Reward $200.00

Stolen Necklace

The necklace looks similar to the one in the picture (my brother’s). This necklace was given to me by my grandparents who live in India. […]

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Pearl necklace + earrings


We were robbed and our house trashed. This item is a pearl necklace with a gold and silver centerpiece with diamonds and a teardrop pearl […]

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Reward $1,000.00

Religious Mother Mary Pendant

Man Stole my purse in Vons Parking lot loading groceries 1998, 1999. (robbery) With Relious Metal necklace inside purse. Necklace Inscribed. My Best Friend, Love […]

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Reward $200.00

22k Indian style necklace

Put ad on Craigslist, met with prospect buyer next to movie theater in Mira Mesa, guy was inspecting my merchandise and run away with it.

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Reward $300.00

Gold Athena coin necklace

24” yellow gold chain with a silver-dollar-sized pendant. The pendant has a yellow gold maze-like halo surrounding a silver coin with a bust of the […]

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