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Stolen Pendants (17)

Stolen Pendant Database at Stolen 911

Our registry of stolen pendants is monitored by police, pawn shops, collectors and just about anyone who may have come into possession of a stolen pendant.  By creating an "Internet Fingerprint", Stolen 911 provides you with simple tools to share the story of your pendant theft on social media and a place where someone can contact you. Start here to post a Stolen Ring to Stolen 911.



Old Pawn Native American White Turquoise Pendant-STOLEN


Asymetrical trapezoidal shaped pendant on large linked chain. Length of chain is short, maybe 16″. Signed by artist. Native American Old Pawn from 1960s or […]

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Reward $800.00

Stolen Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire pendant, about 3/4 “. Light blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by small diamonds in 14kt yellow gold setting/chain. Might be mistaken for topaz. Ruby pendant: […]

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Stolen Gold Key of Life pendant


Key of Life Gold Pendant with a gold pin; this was a gift from a relative living in egypt. It is aprox. 1 inch long.

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Reward $1,000.00

New York Yankees diamond pendants

Appointment was Robbed

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Reward $0

Solid diamond heart pendant .51 Karat set in 14k gold setting


Cable TV installer stole jewelry he was leaving for his home state of Georgia Atlanta area the following week.direct TV refused to investigate or take […]

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Stolen Jewelry


My house was robbed. My jewelry was stolen

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Reward $500.00

dark brownish amethyst drop with tiny diamonds

this was stolen along with other antique valuable jewelry owned by my mother who passed away, one in particular a sapphire and diamond broach was […]

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Stolen Turquoise Silver Bolo made by Robert Talltree


Stolen at a home burlary, Las Vegas, NV Oct 26, 2016, three generations of jewelry, including edwardian, deco, post-war, and modern pieces. The burglars took […]

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Reward $500.00

Gold Cresent moon with naked lady riding it

Dad gave this to me and it was ripped off.

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Ashes in capsule of deceased in gold capule stolen


I was preparing to get the latch fixed on necklace so I stopped at the ATM to get the money off to fix it,and forgot […]

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Reward $50.00

Stolen gem chain

I’m a junior in high school and I was in pe class and had the jewelry in my gym shorts pockets. I’m guessing it fell […]

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Book Pendants, Ring, and Earrings


Two tiny book charms, silver. The bottoms to both of them can slide open and you can place things in them. There was also an […]

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Reward $50.00

Gold engraved locket – two pictures inside

Stolen from my house along with a gold/diamond chain necklace, Mexican silver pendants and bracelet, handmade jewelry, much costume jewelry and jewelry making supplies. The […]

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Reward $150.00

Antique Platinum emerald cut Peridot pendant – art deco heirloom

Aunts were staying my dying mother. Under the guise of cleaning up the house, they knew about family jewelry. I am the daughter, only child, […]

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Jesus side

Reward $300.00

HELP: Stolen 24″ Gold Rope Chain w/ 2 sided Religious Medallion

On Friday June 26, 2015 in Northwest Austin around 360 and Spicewood Springs in the Bull Creek Preserve area, my 2013 black ford f-150 was […]

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