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Developed by a Police Officer, Stolen 911 has helped in the recovery of thousands of dollars in stolen oil paintings, sculptures and more since 2007.

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Art collectors, dealers and those who know about the whereabouts of a stolen art: If you recognize a stolen painting or sculpture, use the tip links embedded in the post to return it to its owner. You may even get a reward.

Before you post a stolen art to Facebook groups, Nextdoor and such, post it to Stolen 911 first! Many of the social media watch groups posts cannot be shared.  On Stolen 911, all the posts can be shared easily.

Please Help

After Christmas we were able to celebrate new year to our belongings being stolen from storage.This locker was where I was consolidating the things I […]
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Reward $500.00

Stolen Erte sculpture

A bronze figurine by Erte, titled “Julietta”. It was produced in 1987 and was stolen from my home sometime in the last day. Stolen Erte […]
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Stolen carved marble vase

White carved marble vase on a small pedestal. Currently in the appraisal process at Feeman’s auction. Approx 16″ tall. Plus 1″ pedestal. Gift from a […]
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Reward $150.00

Theft, Stolen Hand Sculpture

Hand Sculpture (approx. 250 lb) stolen from backyard patio. Gift from my husband purchased from artist in Duluth, MN 15 yrs ago. As it represented […]
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