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Stolen Art (15)

Our Stolen Art Database is monitored by police, collectors and art dealers . Post for free to make a "Digital Fingerprint" of your stolen art and use our social media tools to help spread the word.

Reward $50.00

Stolen Artwork (genderqueer theme)

It was an acrylic painting Of an artist’s pose-able mannequin in a dance like state looking downward. It is positioned in the middle of the […]

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Reward $300.00

5 Gean Wilder B/W secteched of German sites

I had these for 30 years. Was a consignment from a dealer in Colorado at My auction. I bought them tried to figure out the […]

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Light in the Forestcomp


Stolen Art


Art stolen from owner during a move.

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Reward $20.00

Stolen Walking Stick, haime head w/ OR

I finished an overnight sleep study at the VA in Portland. I last noticed it there. The next trip out later that week I noticed […]

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Purple Tulip Oil Painting for Natasha


Stolen from public storage unit

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Reward $150.00

Theft, Stolen Hand Sculpture

Hand Sculpture (approx. 250 lb) stolen from backyard patio. Gift from my husband purchased from artist in Duluth, MN 15 yrs ago. As it represented […]

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Family Heirloom


Original oil paintings

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Reward $100.00

Stolen Artwork

My artwork was stolen from my Nissan Pathfinder. Three men arrested in Arlinton but their not cooperating with the police

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Reward $200.00

Symphony Of The Stars Rare Cartoon Cell 61/500

Stolen by Moving Company Symphony Of The Stars Rare Numbered Signed Cartoon Cell Hand Painted Large Framed Cell of Fred Flinstone conducting a symphony orchestra […]

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Wolf Painting Stolen


It was stolen from the art class building, after we had to leave it there for the art show. When I came to pick it […]

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Reward $100.00

Black and White Fine Art Photographic Images size 16 x 20

A hard black briefcase containing a brown leather portfolio. Approximately 50 or more prints size 16 x 20, many of the images have Marshall Moons […]

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Reward $500.00

Stolen art by Christopher Castle and other listed items

I parked my car on the street outside my friends’ house. It was loaded with everything I needed for a three month stay in New […]

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Shell lamp2

Reward $300.00

Stolen Sea Shell Ceiling Lamp

The custom plaster of Paris shell ceiling lamp was found missing about 10 day after new tenants took residence. They moved in on August 15, […]

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Stolen Mule Deer Horns


Stolen was my Mule Deer Antlers from Wildlife artistry Taxidermist in Prescott Az on Sept. 21. Buyers be ware that you will be prosecuted if […]

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Stolen Oil Painting - Geo Duchesne


Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne


UPDATE 8/21/2015 – RECOVERED! A man who came into possession of the painting realized it was stolen after a Google search led to it’s listing […]

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