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Stolen Art (13)

Our Stolen Art Database is monitored by police, collectors and art dealers . Post for free to make a "Digital Fingerprint" of your stolen art and use our social media tools to help spread the word.

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Hand made Nutcrackers


2 hand painted and designed Nutcrackers. I paint and design nutcrackers for my sister for Christmas. They were stolen from the porch after the postman […]

39 total views, 1 today

Reward $100.00

Journal stolen in mission district (25th st to york)

My journal was stolen from my car. Among other things, but the journal is priceless. It is patched and bright colors (blue, red, green, yellow, […]

87 total views, 0 today

Reward $50.00

Stolen Artwork (genderqueer theme)

It was an acrylic painting Of an artist’s pose-able mannequin in a dance like state looking downward. It is positioned in the middle of the […]

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Reward $300.00

5 Gean Wilder B/W secteched of German sites

I had these for 30 years. Was a consignment from a dealer in Colorado at My auction. I bought them tried to figure out the […]

189 total views, 0 today

Light in the Forestcomp


Stolen Art


Art stolen from owner during a move.

161 total views, 0 today

Reward $20.00

Stolen Walking Stick, haime head w/ OR

I finished an overnight sleep study at the VA in Portland. I last noticed it there. The next trip out later that week I noticed […]

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Purple Tulip Oil Painting for Natasha


Stolen from public storage unit

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Reward $150.00

Theft, Stolen Hand Sculpture

Hand Sculpture (approx. 250 lb) stolen from backyard patio. Gift from my husband purchased from artist in Duluth, MN 15 yrs ago. As it represented […]

814 total views, 1 today



Family Heirloom


Original oil paintings

482 total views, 0 today


Reward $100.00

Stolen Artwork

My artwork was stolen from my Nissan Pathfinder. Three men arrested in Arlinton but their not cooperating with the police

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Reward $200.00

Symphony Of The Stars Rare Cartoon Cell 61/500

Stolen by Moving Company Symphony Of The Stars Rare Numbered Signed Cartoon Cell Hand Painted Large Framed Cell of Fred Flinstone conducting a symphony orchestra […]

320 total views, 0 today



Wolf Painting Stolen


It was stolen from the art class building, after we had to leave it there for the art show. When I came to pick it […]

601 total views, 1 today

Stolen Oil Painting - Geo Duchesne


Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne


UPDATE 8/21/2015 – RECOVERED! A man who came into possession of the painting realized it was stolen after a Google search led to it’s listing […]

3292 total views, 10 today

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