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Stolen Musical Equipment (83)



Stolen Cello and Guitar


A bright blue cello without strings and a brown acoustic wood guitar signed by Esteban have been stolen. Both were contained in black soft cases.

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Reward $400.00

Stolen equipment from Church

Had a break in between 12 and 5:30 am, suggests that the thief was in our Saturday service the night before. We were advertising a […]

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Reward $50.00

prs billy martin black stolen

someone open the trunk and and stole my guitar

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Tamm Drum Kit Black 5 Piece


My drum set I’ve played on my whole life was stolen. I don’t have much money for a reward but I’d be very grateful for […]

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Stolen Normandy Clarinet


Case has stainless steel covered corners, color of case is black and has white stitching on seams. Clarinet is your standard black with silver keys. […]

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Fender Telecaster Amercan Deluxe VS


Our band trailer was broken into. Several pieces of gear were taken including two Fender electric guitars; a red Stratocaster and the VS telecaster.

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Silvertone Stolen

Reward $100.00

Stolen : Silvertone black hollowbody 1446

Black Silvertone 1446 (Chris Isaac Model) Hollowbody. Missing pick guard. Has a modified Chet Atkins Tremelo arm instead of regular Bigsby arm, new Silvertone plastic […]

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les paul houston


Gibson Les Paul HP


Light burst guitar was stolen from us

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Reward $50.00

Stolen 15″ SoundQubed Subwoofer Box (32 x 17 x 17 in) and Speaker (18...

My car was broken into last night. My huge subwoofer box and speaker were both stolen. They are dark grey and black and very heavy. […]

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gibson ripper 1975


gibson ripper 1975 small nick on top far right had a orange guitar strap

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Reward $200.00

Stolen Les Paul jr. Guitar

custom Les Paul design, SN: 18 dark brown finish pearl SMG lettering on headstock no truss rod, single coil pick up (P-90) bought from Avenue […]

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Reward $20.00

Black Davison Guitar

Black Davison electric guitar with gig bag was one of the items stolen from my vehicle. Someone smashed my window & I lost many sentimental […]

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Reward $20.00

Peavey XR 800c Mixer Stolen

Peavey Model XR 800c Power Mixer. I had just bought it used and dropped it off at my garage so I could clean it up […]

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Reward $100.00

Black North Bass Drum and Pedal

This is a iconic bass drum that is black, the shape is a belled out shape. It has multiple nicks and scratches.

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stolen hammond organ Serial 31573


Stolen 1964 Hammond Organ A-100 chop Serial # 31573


One of many items stolen from our band’s trailer in San Rafael, CA. STOLEN! These items were stolen by our studio in the canal of […]

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