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Stolen Musical Equipment (70)


My babies


Went to jail amd people i was living with my women as drugs over ride there thoughts and actions and they habe taken my guitars

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Condor 1969LP - Copy

Reward $1,500.00

Old Incident-Stolen 1969 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Guitar-Cornville, AZ

This is a sad story. Not enough time to describe it in detail. OLD CASE!!! This guitar was stolen on June, 16, 1991 at KC’s […]

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Hohner Acustic Black and Candy-apple red Electric Ibanez


My Black Hohner acustic had a red strap with it with a native American design on it. Both guitars had minor ware on them I […]

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Dad's guitar

Reward $4,000.00

Stolen 1952 Fender Telecaster

  This Guitar was given to me by my father the late Danny Antell. My father was a musician his entire life. He carried this […]

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Stolen Modulus

Reward $500.00

Stolen Modulus Blackknife Hoag Blackknife


Two Guitars. A Hoag Blackknife and a Modulus Blackknife. The Hoag Guitar has a cocobolo top and a bumble bee on the fretboard. The modulus […]

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Reward $500.00

Stolen Modulus Blackknife Guitar


Late ’80s Sunburst Modulus Blackknife Guitar with a dancing bear on the 12th fret.

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Ibanez tube screamer distortion pedal


Keeley modded DS 9 ibanez tube screamer pedal.

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Stolen Trumpet


Stolen King Silvertone Trumpet


Vintage King Silvertone Trumpet SN 134861. Heavy engraving on the sterling silver bell, some wear at hand grips. Bell is marked with sterling symbol. Stolen […]

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TC Flashback Delay Looper


TC Flashback Delay Looper SN 10733329

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Vintage Conn 8H Trombone w/ Case


Elkhart Conn 8H large bore trombone. The serial number is H27919 which dates it to 1966. This trombone has a .547 bore slide with springs […]

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