Red Honda Ruckus - STOLEN 911

Red Honda Ruckus

Reward $1,000.00

Red Honda Ruckus

Reward $1,000.00
July 15/2015
Model Year - 2009
Make - Honda
Model - Np50
Color(s) - Red and black

It was locked it up very well I thought.
I caught on video a large white Laredo swing by twice around 12.30 1am first I guess the person broke the locks!
Second time around stole the bike.
I reported it with the vin to the police.
And stupidly put it. On stolen scooters website with the vin number.
I found my bike modified.2 months later listed on Craig’s list!
He had removed the metal vin and replaced it with a sticker and engraved it.
I know it was mine.
It was on Windmill lane like a mile away
He had also broken the ignition and replaced it.
Tried to sell me my own bike for $2400
I called Metro two guys came out who were not very friendly and didn’t want to help me in fact they were very buddy buddy with him and I told him it was my bike and they said the Vin doesn’t match and I said because he changed it I tried to explain it was my bike he had put a gray wrap around the battery Box to cover up a decal that I had of hello Kitty that had probably been scratched up or not properly removed you also modify the handlebars he still had the original parts in the back of ta truck!
I stupidly should’ve tried that helmet lock because that didn’t look like it was changed but the cops did not help me didn’t care and I was upset and I right about this and the treatment that they gave me I said to them why don’t you tell him to remove the silver wrap around the box and they wouldn’t he had also a fake title which look old and crumpled I had the original title which is a brand-new he had changed One letter and one number I called the Dmv recently with the changed title number and they said it had been registered but they would not tell me to who or where it was so it is still in Las Vegas somewhere I just need somebody to help me locate it I’m pretty devastated because Ii have car no other way to get around and I can’t afford to buy another Honda ruckus it was a beautiful bike there are other ways to prove that it was mine a silver bolt that I replaced under the muffler from Home Depot and there was also a dent from a zip tie that I had put to hold the wires together that they had removed I knew it was mine 2009 Ruckus
In mint condition with the same mileage of my bike !
This bike is very rare!
but since the police didn’t care I could do nothing there are other ways to check if it’s mine because the Engine has the serial number that is same as mine and they will be serial number somewhere inside the bike with my serial number Vin number inside the bike as well so have they looked properly they would’ve seen all of this but they didn’t want to bother so if somebody can help me find the guy and we could look at it I have a mechanic!
who knows how to look at these things simply take a few things apart we can find my Vin number and proof that this bike is mine and get it back for me it just takes a little bit of work so please help me I am a girl who steals from a girl they also broke into my car a month later and I got scammed on buying that too!!
It was ransacked in the same senior complex that I lived in where I was a free Carer for an old man I believe it was an inside job because I could not get the license plate of the Laredo the camera had jumped and they said that was all they had I don’t believe that for one minute! Last photo is how it looks now!
Picture in his garage when he started modifiying it!

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Street - East Windmill lane from a senior complex
Las Vegas
Date of Theft - July 15/2015
Police Report? - Yes
Metro on las vegas blvd
Case # - Don't know

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