2015 Toyota Highlander - Stolen from driveway in San Jose - STOLEN 911

2015 Toyota Highlander – Stolen from driveway in San Jose

Reward $500.00

2015 Toyota Highlander – Stolen from driveway in San Jose

Reward $500.00
Model Year - 2015
Make - Toyota
Model - Highlander
Color(s) - Blue
License - 7PKX718

At 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 15, somebody used a signal amplifier to trigger our key fob and unlock our Highlander, which was parked in our driveway. Once in, they started it in less than 10 seconds and stole it. We have video from our neighbor’s camera but it isn’t very good. The car was in very good condition — only a few minor scratches and some stains on the beige-colored seats. It had approximately 37,700 miles on it. The front brake pads were replaced the day before the theft and there were no mechanical issues. There was a Cal Poly mom sticker on the rear window. Note: I have another listing on this site as well, as a SECOND car was stolen from our driveway twelve days later. I’m posting this as a last resort; as it’s been over two weeks, I’m losing hope that we will recover it undamaged, but if someone has any info leading to its recovery we offer a $500 reward. (If the car is found after I receive my insurance payout, however, the reward doesn’t apply as the car won’t belong to me any longer.) Bottom line is I’d rather the have car back than have to go search for another one.

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Martin Avenue
San Jose
Date of Theft - 4/15/2018
Police Report? - Yes
San Jose Police Department
Case # - 18-105-0375

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