Stolen Vintage Porsche 911 Carrera Targa

Reward $1,000.00
January 1, 1970
San Diego County Sheriff's Department
Case # - 16136684
VIN - WP0EB0911FS160090

Late on the 20th of July (around 11:30 pm according to some suspicious noises my neighbor heard that night), my family’s red-orange 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa was broken into and stolen from the carport of the 9252 Mast Blvd. townhouse complex in Santee. The car was fitted with a light grey Weathertech car cover secured with a steel cable and a club across the steering wheel, all of which had to have been cut through and taken with the car. Neighbors did not hear the car start up, so these thieves must have put the car in neutral and rolled it down the alley to a tow truck of some sort.

For the past 20 years this car has been in my family; since the age of 7 or 8 I have ridden in this car, bonding with my uncle over cars and life along the back country roads of east San Diego. Those were easily the most influential experiences for me growing up that inspired my passion and obsession with classic cars, which has persisted to this day. He passed this car onto me for my college graduation in 2012 along with all of the upkeep and time demands predicated by its ownership, despite the fact that I needed to take a near-minimum wage job to get more work experience at the time. My uncle had known without a doubt that my adoration for the car would more than make up for my financial shortcomings, and that I would still find some way to competently look after his prized possession.

Some details about the car: it was in original red-orange paint in excellent condition, despite a chip on the front lip of the hood about 1/2-inch long, which was filled in with a different-colored red paint. The headlights had European covers, which were painted to match the car instead of the steel/chrome that came with US-based cars. The car is fitted with a removable black leather top called a “Targa”, which can fold up to fit in the hood. The rubber insulation that goes across the rear window was loose and falling off (which I was about to replace after procuring a complete rubber replacement kit for the car). The taillights were also converted to European format, meaning that at night the turn signals glow a distinctive solid orange. The lever to fold the driver’s side seat was also broken, plus many more distinguishing features. This car was driven plenty out in the world as it should be, with about 223,000 mi on the odometer which I planned to take to 300,000 mi and beyond.

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