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The Details…

Date of Theft8/2/15
Name of PetChapito
Sex of PetMale

Here’s the Story…

Read a sad story…help if you can! This easily could have been your Dog. The person that has this dog does not own him, he was stolen.

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REWARD is being offered! More information and updates added at the bottom as they come in.

On August 2nd I picked up this small male Chihuahua wearing a red collar (no tags) in the road around Millsboro Delaware. After knocking on doors for better than 45 minutes I called an acquaintance that I have known for many years who was geographically closer to Millsboro than I and that I believed to work with a legitimate rescue. She said she could not keep the dog but she could help him.
On the evening of the 2nd she said she had him scanned for a microchip by her groomer and he does not have a microchip.
On the evening of August 2nd she said she turned him over to Kent SPCA and that Kent transferred him to Sussex.
On the morning of August 3rd she said Sussex SPCA decided he was un-adoptable due to potential for high medical costs and he would be put down early in the afternoon of August 3rd if he was not pulled by a rescue.
She then said (still on the 3rd) a rescue pulled him and they had a foster but the foster could not personally fund medical attention.
In the mean time I was referred to numerous rescues, I was offered funding to help the dog with his obvious medical needs and I found several people that were possibly interested in adopting him should his owners not be found.
On the 4th she said she was the foster and that she was required by law to get his rabies vaccine by Wednesday the 5th.
On Wednesday the 5th I messaged her to ask her how he was, if she got his vaccines and an opinion on treatment for the other medical needs.
On Thursday the 6th she finally replied but told me she could not tell me anything else about the dog and that she could not help the laws.
She had expressed irritation that I had posted him on FB and tried to raise funding for his medical needs. She also mentioned more than once that he may need to be euthanized…then told me she had 3 Chihuahuas euthanized in December because “you can’t save them all” and “there is always a possibility that a dog could be abused” “or re-homed 8 times” so some just have to be euthanized.
I explained to her that rescue of a lost dog means
1. Find the dogs actual home.
2. If you can not find the dogs home find funding for medical attention
3. Find the dog a new suitable home.
I also explained I had people willing to fund medical attention, potential homes and that the dog needed to be seen by a veterinarian, properly diagnosed and given the chance he is being offered.
She did not respond to any further messages.
Since then the rescue has been contacted. They did not pull the dog.
Kent and Sussex County SPCA’s (Georgetown SPCA) have been contacted. They have no record of the dog AND the SPCA’s do NOT operate in the manor described.
We have not been able to find him anywhere posted as found. Other than the posts I have made since learning no effort was made to help this pup.

Update 8/14/15- Kent County Animal Control has confirmed that the dog was never reported as a stray and an officer was never called out! They have no record of the Dog. The dog is now officially stolen “property” Keep sharing! Keep Your Eyes out! Email your vets!

UPDATED REWARD 8/15/15 ($150 Guaranteed- $500 Possible )- LNF Dog Rescue has offered $100 reward to anyone who can help get this little guy back to me or her! Doreen Skroski has offered an additional $50. I HAVE BEEN GIVEN AND AN ADDITIONAL $350 on top of the original reward for anyone that can bring me the dog as well as information that leads to charges being pressed.The Police have been contacted.

Update 8/15/15 The Puppy is 7 months old his name is Chapito he has beed STOLEN and a little boy misses him.

Update 8/19/15 With your help the owner of this PUPPY has been found now lets find the PUPPY! Rights and responsibility for this Dog have been signed over to me. The dog was taken from me in Dover, DE. A REWARD is being offered for his safe return to me. This could have easily been any of our pets!!!

I know this won’t go Viral but it should this Pup Needs to get back to his little boy and dog nappers need to be stopped! WHEN YOU SHARE MAKE SURE YOU SET THE POST TO PUBLIC! Thank you!
I can be reached at

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January 27, 2020 10:24 am

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