Red Squier Stratocaster and Other Items Stolen in South Kansas City

Reward $500.00

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The Details…

Date of Theft11/22/16
Location of TheftSouth Kansas City
Type of EquipmentElectric Guitar
# of Strings6
Serial NumberNot Recorded
Police Report Filed?Yes
Name of Police AgencyKCPD
Case Number16-088227

Here’s the Story…

My home near 99th Street and Belmont Avenue in South Kansas City was burglarized on the morning of 11/22/16. Several items were taken, but I’m most interested in recovering my red Squier Stratocaster, which was my first guitar, given to me by my grandfather over twenty years ago. It has a bright red finish with a white pickguard and a maple neck. The pickup configuration is HSS (humbucker/dually style pickup at the bridge and single coils at the middle and neck positions). The bridge is the basic Strat tremolo style.

Distinguishing characteristics are as follows: 1.) Mallory Ignition sticker positioned at an angle, just above and behind the bridge, parallel to the arm rest/body contour, 2.) Affixed to the pickguard, underneath the neck pickup and working back toward the bridge is a series of 3-4 of the small, rectangular, adhesive security tags that music stores used to stick on CD’s to prevent shoplifting, 3.) There is a long, streaky blemish in the paint about 5-6″ long on the upper horn/cutaway portion of the body which resulted from spilling Ronson lighter fluid while attempting to (stupidly) refill a Zippo lighter directly over the guitar.

The guitar was zipped up in a black nylon Squier gig bag which also contained the screw-in tremolo arm along with an old yellow and orange Fender shoulder strap which has been lengthened several inches with a section of duct tape.

They also took a small, gold-colored gym bag containing a Jim Dunlop Original Cry Baby wah-wah pedal and a Heil Talk Box.

Other non-musical items taken include a Browning .380 automatic pistol with 6-round magazine, a small, short H&R 7-shot .22 revolver, a 48″ Samsung HDTV, a 27″ Samsung HDTV, a Tippmann A-5 paintball marker equipped with an E-Grip electronic trigger and polished internals, a Special Edition copy of Grand Theft Auto IV (the one that comes with the lockbox and duffel bag), a copy of BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition (large cubed box with the plastic Songbird figurine) as well as an assortment of rare coins.

The guitar is of nominal value in terms of money, but the sentimental value is a different story altogether. I’m offering a reward for the guitar or any reliable information regarding the whereabouts of the aforementioned stolen items or those responsible that can assist the police and/or myself in their recovery.

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January 6, 2019 5:25 am

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