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The Details…

Date of Theft12-13-14
Location of TheftSpokane Valley
Type of Propertybaby blanket, clothing, scarves, books
Police Report Filed?Yes
Name of Police AgencySpokane Valley
Case Number14-416627

Here’s the Story…


Friday night/Saturday morning my car was broken into. The thieves stole everything inside. They were some moving boxes but they were more than that. Inside one was my baby blanket my grandmother made for me to come home from the hospital in. It is pink and covered in different colored bunnies. But that’s not even the best part. Please, let me tell you a little about myself. I am an unemployed student I have been to multiple interviews and been denied the job. You stole everything I owned. You stole my Christmas presents. Want to know a little more about me? Had you knocked on my door you could have had anything in my car had you given me a chance to get my baby blanket and other important things out. You want my passport I would have let you have it. I would give a stranger the clothes off my back if they needed them and asked. My phone was stolen earlier this year, had I been asked I would have happily given it to the drug addict who took it had he allowed me to get all my pictures off of it.
I am the nicest person you will meet, period. (There are people who would disagree, I’m sure) I am a lover, I help anyone I can. I do something called “[My name here]’s birthday gift” every year on my birthday I find an underprivileged children, one year it was a sick girl who’d spent a long time at Shriners and lived far away. Her family spent tons of money on her healthcare and thought it would be fun to go to the Valley Mall to look around. I ran into her and took her to Build A Bear bought her the bear she wanted and gave her money for bear clothes. I feel like my birthday is a day for somebody to feel special. But every year in November I do it. All they know is it’s my birthday and it’s MY gift to them. I feed people I see living on the streets and make sure they have a warm place to go because I know one day, that could be me. I’d go out of my way to help you. One year I collected Christmas presents for a woman who lost her daughter’s to a similar situation. If you need help knock, bring your kid by, I’ll meet you and take you shopping, I don’t have much, but I use what I can to help. I’m only including this because you took my Tree of Sharing tags so if you want to return those too, so the kids I bought stuff for, and you didn’t steal, get their Christmas presents that would be greatly appreciated.
If you have it in you please feel free to drop it back off where you broke into my car (off SR27). All I want is the blanket really but if you have anything else I’d take it all.
If you read this and see a bunch of boxes somewhere “DRESSER” is written on them in hot pink Sharpie. I’m asking you let me know. I don’t have anything, it was all stolen, but I will find a way to make it up to you.
I have no desire to “tell” on you I don’t orchestrate that way. Like I said you could have the shirt I’m wearing if you asked.
For the rest of you, tis the season of jerks and thieves and even though I’m not mad anymore, I still think whoever did this is a jerk. Don’t leave anything in your car.
Please let me reiterate, if you know anything, no questions asked, I’m friendly fire. You can leave it in the field or better yet knock, I’ll give you a beer for the road.
If you just find them there’s a picture above, the Dell box is amongst the stolen items. I would be eternally grateful. No questions asked, and I will still give you a beer for the road.

Thank you,

Listing ID: 004607

November 5, 2019 11:29 pm

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