Stolen Snow Blower

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The Details…

Date of Theft2/6/2019
Location of TheftSixteen Acres, East Springfield, our side yard
County / Region / ProvinceHampden
Type of PropertySnow Blower
Police Report Filed?Yes

Here’s the Story…

Our 2016 Simplicity brand orange snowblower was stolen Wednesday 2/6/19 at approximately 8:30-9:00 AM from our side yard on Acrebrook Rd. in East Springfield by two guys who felt that they had the right to take it. It was behind a gate, that is behind a Bull Bag, partially hidden by up to 3 vehicles, and under a tarp. Please share! I don’t want sympathy, I just want our snowblower back!

Here is why this is a BIG DEAL to us: We moved to Springfield October 2017. During our move, we lost literally thousands of dollars in belongings, as the people who “helped” us move also helped themselves to whatever they wanted from our belongings (including an iPad). They also stole valuables including our 2 year old son’s baby book (with hospital bracelets and a card from my now deceased mother); my mother’s hand print from literally minutes after she passed away (which was exactly 2 weeks before our son was born); and stuffed animals I have had since childhood (e.g., Cabbage Patch Kids, Pound Puppies). We are still replacing things that can be replaced (cookware, clothing, blankets, electronics). When I was 7 months pregnant, my husband had a heart attack, and he now has a stent and still has several partial artery blockages up to 90%; I have intermittent tachycardia, so neither of us are supposed to shovel snow. Also in our home is our adult autistic daughter who is mentally 5-7 years old, and cannot shovel. There is our adult son with ADD/autism … he cannot shovel the entire driveway and everything himself! I also took in a relative, who recently lost his home & job & is trying to get back on his feet. We are currently trying to save for a new AFO brace, new shoes that accommodate a brace, and an upper body orthotic for our 2 year old son (who had a stroke at birth), and depending on how much insurance will cover, we may have to pay between $200 to $3000 for these. Most often insurance will not cover upper body orthotics and we will likely have to pay for this out of pocket (guesstimated at around $2000+ by the Orthotist). My husband is disabled and works when he is able, but makes less than $7000/year (he made $0 in 2017). I am a Registered Nurse who works full time, and the household depends mainly on my income. We do not have a lot to spare.

I am not rich. I own/drive a 2009 Infiniti and a 2011 Kia. I don’t have a Bugatti, Porsche, or even a Mustang! We have a home that is a fixer-upper, and we do almost all work ourselves to save money. We have been putting off getting a security system because we have had so many other very important needs come up (for instance, we did not know that the heat doesn’t work in any of our bedrooms and we practically froze last winter, so we had to purchase & install 2 mini splits). We don’t even have a proper wall around our bathtub (its ripped out and all beams awaiting a time when we can afford tile or another surround).

As for the culprits themselves: One guy was short, one was taller and large build; both men were Hispanic. This was witnessed by a neighbor who spoke with the men (they claimed their uncle told them to pick it up to do some work), and one man claimed his name was Emilio … though this is doubtful. They had a “beater” car, probably a Toyota, stuffed our snowblower in their trunk, tied it in, and drove away. We will know more when we are able to contact our neighbor for more details and get a copy of the police report (which could take a couple days). PLEASE contact me if you have any information. I am hoping there are some good citizens out there who will kindly assist us. Tips can be directed at us or to the Springfield Police Department at (413)787-6302.

Thank you!

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