Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne - STOLEN 911 Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne - STOLEN 911

Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne

Stolen Oil Landscape Painting – Geo Duchesne

A man who came into possession of the painting realized it was stolen after a Google search led to it’s listing on Stolen 911. Since January, Nellie Hill heard nothing after reporting the painting stolen to police and posting it to Stolen 911. That all changed on August 20th, when a phone call came in 7 months after the theft. That call was form a Marin County man who had come into possession of the painting. Within a day, Hill had her painting back. “Some people said I would never see it again.” “I was surprised when the call came in” said Hill.
Type of Art - painting
Artist's Name - Geo Duchesne
Insriptions - 2/10/1957 - de artist Geo Duchesne

This painting was delivered by UPS in a bike-size package, put behind the house. Within an hour the painting was taken in the package.

The stolen painting is about 22 x 29” and the frame is another few inches. The frame is a lightweight brown wooden frame, somewhat loose (and dusty). The painting is an oil of a flat forest of aspen or birch with a dirt road going up the middle, bright light of sun after rain. My guess is it’s early or mid-20th century, or later. I have three photos.


Date of Theft - 1/26/2015
Police Report? - Yes
Berkeley Police Department
Case # - 2015-00090153
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