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They were all my tools & belongings that were stolen that i used for work when i was an Auto Tech. I also did construction & home improvements & welding along with many other things. I had to go to Philadelphia, Pa on Business & had a friend watch my
apartment while i was gone. When i returned he had taken everything i owned out of the apartment & the Garage. The garage he
had NO right being in & he had no keys to get in there. He took all my receipts & other important paper work i had. When i called the Sheriff’s department, Dupty Chief Ronald bill went with me to the apartment to get my belongings all my tools were gone & my clothes. I was given back just a hand full of things. He was using my Electric & phone & the bills were going to that apartment & he was opening them & paying the bills as if he was me. I called the apartment a number of times & left messages for him to call me that i needed clothes in Philadelphia that when he came down there he could give them to me. He never called & he never came to my mothers where i was staying. I didn’t know what was going on. I sent him a letter & he sent a letter to me after that saying i Abanded the apartment which is a lie. He told Dupty Bill that he has not seen the stuff on the list since 1995. My Air compressor & a few other things i found listed in the paper shop & when i called the Sheriff’s Department the items were already sold he told them. He was using my phone number at the time & if someone close to Windsor, NY would call he will not sell the right item to them, I had someone buy a side box that he stated was a Mac with 6 drawers & when the person went to buy it he came back with a Craftsman 3 drawer. Now i see my tools being sold on Cragslist in Friendsville, Pa & i opened the photo to the distributor wrenches first they were listed in Windsor, Then kirkwood & then Binghamton, NY. The photo is taken inside the garage of 4 distributor wrenches & one timing belt idler pulley bolt wrench on something white like a pillow. He wants to be contacted by facebook. His name is Mark Taylor. It took me 20 years to buy & pay for all the tools i had & i have been looking all this time & now 20 years later i find more of my tools being sold that he must think i forgot about them. Thank You. I do not have any way to take the photos.

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July 8, 2020 4:46 pm

13 days, 14 hours

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