Santa Fe Jewelry Heist

Thief caught on video as millions in fine and rare jewels are stolen. 

These 34 designer pieces are rare, one of a kind and GIA certified jewelry.  They were all stolen from the MasterPiece Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 25, 2020, just after midnight. The jewelry is highly recognizable, certified, and marked.

A Reward of $20,000 will go to the person(s) assist in an arrest or recovery of the majority of the jewelry. 

The thief on surveillance is male, slight of build. Surveillance shows him walking toward the river, hooded sweatshirt, gray sneakers, red bandana mask, black belt, white socks, light color pants/jeans. He boldly walked down East Water Street carrying two orange suction cups which he used to remove panes off the french doors to gain entry into the MasterPiece Gallery.

If you have any information regarding the jewelry and/or the thief, text, or call 408-461-7714 or use the red Submit A Tip button below to remain anonymous.

All information collected is being forwarded to Private Investigators in New Mexico and the Santa Fe Police Department.

Stolen Jewels
Stolen – Swiss Blue Topaz squared cushion cut with diamonds and blue sapphires adorning the stone, white gold
Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond
Stolen – Ruby Ring Oval Cut with Large White Diamonds Ringing Around It, Yellow Gold
Ruby & Diamond
Stolen – Ruby & Diamonds Set In Rose Gold Bracelet, Large Rubies
Ruby & Diamond
Stolen – Rare 14k Gold, Sapphire & Diamond Necklace
Sapphire, Diamond
Stolen – Solid Diamonds Around Your Neck With Diamond Medallions Appointed
Stolen – Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Tennis Bracelet In Yellow Gold
Diamond, Blue Topaz
Stolen – Rectangular Cushion Cut Tanzanite, Encrusted With Baguette Diamonds In White Gold, Huge
Tanzanite, Diamond
Stolen – Rubies! Ruby and Diamond Pendant With Ruby Tennis Bracelet Necklace
Ruby & Diamond