Touring Performing Artists Trailer Stolen With Over 30k of Equipment Inside

February 16, 2022
Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Color(s) - white
Length - 12 ft
Number of Axles - 1
License - L834135
VIN - 575200E1XFT298249

We are a group of hard-working, GRAMMY award-winning, middle-class, touring, and performing artists who were on tour performing at a beautiful outdoor amphitheater in Henderson, NV. On Saturday morning, 2/26 we headed out to enjoy the natural beauty of NV the Hoover dam, when our 2017 Ford Transit high top stopped running. We made it back to Sam’s, got a mobile mechanic to diagnose that the catalytic converters needed replacing. Miraculously, we found a van w/trailer hitch to rent in Vegas, so we could get our gear to the venue and perform on Saturday night. The show was awesome, audience amazing. We go back to the hotel safely, where we’d been staying at for 3 days already b/c we came in early to work with two local schools – got a good night’s sleep, and woke Sunday morning 2/27 to find our equipment trailer stolen. The lock was cut and it was disconnected from our rental van. The total value of the loss is at least $30,000.00

The Private Investigator's Take...

Stolen 911 cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Stolen property must be confirmed with a law enforcement agency. Rewards are the responsibility of the submitting party (not Stolen 911) with guidance from law enforcement.  

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Trailer Stolen?Need Help?

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After 21 years with the CHP specializing in auto theft and fraud, I now work as a PI using Stolen 911 to develop leads recovering stolen trailers across the US and Canada.

6×12 enclosed trailer stolen

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