Marc Hinch is a PI that specializes in theft investigations, stolen property recovery, and fraud.

Serving the public, business, attorneys, and the insurance industry.
Creator of Stolen 911 in 2007

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This might be the time to hire a private investigator. When you discover your property has been stolen, you want the entire police force mobilized to track it down. If you have any leads you think could help police find your stolen property, of course, you want them to follow up on all of them. Unfortunately, property crime is all too common, and law enforcement resources are limited. It’s rarely possible for your local law enforcement agency to devote the time you would like them to investigate your case. Many agencies can take a report for your insurance company, but that’s about it. It’s frustrating to know you may have a chance at getting your stuff back, but there’s nobody to investigate.

This is when I can help. As an investigator with the California Highway Patrol for 21 years, I was part of three auto theft task forces and helped recover hundreds (thousands?) of stolen cars.  As a Licensed Private Investigator, I’m able to follow up on those leads that we never had time for, develop other strong leads, and focus my efforts on locating, and recovering your stolen items. 

Not all cases have leads to follow, so hiring a private investigator might not be the right choice.  In those cases, the Stolen 911 website may still be able to help. When you post your stolen items to my site, you’re sharing the information on a public application that has helped develop leads and recover thousands of dollars in stolen property since 2007. 

Becoming a victim of theft is an unsettling and difficult experience.  Listing your items on Stolen 911 can help you regain a sense of control as you take action to share your story and make it public, and maybe even find a new lead to find your property.  You can then give that lead to a private investigator or to the police.

If you have something to post as stolen anywhere in North America or the United Kingdom start here.

If you have a case you would like to discuss with an experienced Licensed Private Investigator, please call 408 461-7714.

Private Investigator Specializing In:

  • Qualified Expert Witness for Auto Theft & Chop Shops (Superior Court Of California)
  • Locate & ID of theft suspects
  • Stolen business assets
  • Finding stolen vehicles such as classics, motorcycles, and all types of trailers
  • Locating stolen art, antiques, and collectibles
  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Interviews
  • Surveillance 
  • Developing leads when there are none.

*Posting stolen property to Stolen 911 is free and is available across North America and Europe.  It does not constitute hiring a private investigator.