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digital fingerprint

Solving theft crimes since 2007. Stolen items listed on Stolen 911 are indexed by the major search engines like Google creating your stolen item's Digital Fingerprint. After creating a post, users can easily share the information on Social Media, but with all the case details listed in one place to collect leads. If you just post your stolen property on a classified site like Craigslist, your listing will expire in a couple of weeks. On Stolen 911 your stolen item will be listed and searchable for 5 years. If it’s not recovered, you can list it again free each year until it’s located.

Private Investigator

about Marc

Stolen 911 was created by Marc Hinch as a public service to help fight crime. Marc spent 21 years as a police investigator specializing in theft crimes in California. Using Stolen 911, Marc has developed leads for theft cases all across the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Marc is now a licensed private investigator.

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